Free Pattern: Stripie Scarf

stripie scarf classic eliteThis is a totally selfish statement, but I’m going to make it anyway. Designers: Please stop making cute things while I have no time for knitting other people’s stuff!

If this were any normal summer, I would have the Stripie Scarf from Amy Loberg and Classic Elite on my needles already. This cute slanted two-color scarf is worked in garter stitch and short rows and would be perfect to throw over your shoulders for a night out or to wrap around your neck in a too-cool office or on a cool morning.

This is the sort of project I’d wear all the time, if I had time to knit it! I’ll have to remember this one come December, because I’m sure it would be as great for spring as it would be for fall!

[Photo by Classic Elite Yarns.]

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