1. Norma Hammett says

    I am looking for a pattern for a cardigan sweate I made in the 60s. It used 3 skeins of yran and was made in one piece from the neck down. Can you help me, please

  2. Joyce Crawford says

    I too am looking for a knitting pattern. Child’s Jiffy Petal Cardigan B-487. It is worked from the neck down with no seams on the body. My instructions are wearing out as I have used it so often! It is a lovely sweater!

  3. Margaret Lloyd says

    I have been looking for a crochet pattern for a long time. It was put out by C&C in the 60’s. It is an afghan worked in white afghan stitch then embroidered in blue. The design was a chinese scene. It had three patterns and was absolutely delicious. I would appriciate any help.Thank you ahead of time.

  4. Margaret Lloyd says

    I am looking for a crocheted afghan pattern from the 60’s. It is a three panel afghan st. with embroidery in a chinese picture. I made 2 of them for my mother. I lost the original pattern in the fires of the 94 earthquake. I would like to make another

  5. Karene Sattler says

    I am looking for a knitted fingerless glove pattern for a teenager. Using straight needles.

  6. Priscila K.B. Sanchez says

    I am looking for a child dress pattern, Coats & Clark book # 191 pattern #B-697. Can anyone help? Thank You, have a wonderful day!

  7. Sharon says

    I am knitting Coats & Clark aran cardigan D-391. Instructions say “Rep rows 11-24 over 13 bobble section sts and rows 1-24 for all other sections”…. I am confused; do I repeat 1-24 or 11-24 (until 80 rows above ribbing)??

  8. Alice J says

    I am looking for a pattern that I had back in the late 60’s or 70’s. The pattern was a little girl or toddler’s knit skirt . The skirt was knit straight with a fold over waist that elastic was inserted. In the front yarn was attached and knit on about 10 to 15 stitches to make a bib, and the corners at the top of bib were mitered. to finish. The 2 straps were knit and attached front and back. This skirt was knit from fine yarn. Thanks for any help you may provide Alice J.

  9. Pierrette Roberts says

    I have a patterns of your.
    Pearl Pullover LW1349**
    Tell me with is the instruction ( CrR &CrL Please Tell Me What this mines the term of knitting .
    I never see this explanation?????????????

    thanks you

  10. Linda Parnham says

    I am looking for a ladies sweater pattern for Christmas. Something with a seasonal pattern.

  11. Linda Hoffmann says

    I am looking for coats and clark B 487 pattern book with childs petal sweater pattern. I made this in the 60’s, but can’t locate the pattern. Any help would be greatly appreciated…

  12. Lynda Meyer says

    If you are still looking for petal cardigan or other top down cardigan patterns from the 1960s I have several I can share. Email me at Per child’s petal cardigan I have read that the number of stitches is the same as adult, just smaller yard and needles. Directions for child’s for sale online.

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