Free Slipper Pattern

Well I looked all over the net and couldn’t find what I needed. So, I did what any crazed idiot sane responsible knitter would do. I took a pattern I liked and adapted it.

These slippers: are from Knitting At Knoon here and were a pretty close start to what I wanted.
(© Chris de Longpré, Knitting At KNoon Designs, 2004, All Rights Reserved)
However, since I wanted a higher “boot” style of Nordic slipper thing, there had to be some adjustments (there always are adjustments, some of them work, some of them don’t…). I wanted them felted, no sole yet cushy enough for the cold arthritic toes to be comfortable walking in. And, if a quick trip out to the woodpile was in order, I wanted them to also be fairly waterproof.
After casting on extra stitches to make up for my larger calf, I then worked a very simple fair aisle design, previously charted out. Decreased almost by half down to the ankle and then proceeded with the rest of the boot. Basically, all I did to Knitting At Knoon’s pattern was to add some fair aisle patterning and make it a lot higher on the leg.
This is the result so far, not done, not felted, not blocked, but definitely along the right lines. The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn, I used Lopi just because I had tons of it, and I like it, which is why I have tons of it. I used 2 circular needles rather than the double points that were called for, only because at 5 in the morning, and a stray needle drops onto the hardwood floor, well, hubby’s not impressed!

Additional, after the fact changes will be to make the sole even cushier, with a felted pair of wool socks that no longer fit. I’ll cut out the sole and pin them into the boot during the felting process.

This was a really easy pattern to follow, even after I wrecked it. I’ll let you know when it’s done.

In the spinning dept, the wool for my Helsinki Scarf is almost all spun. Then I will start to knit. Since this is the first project I’ve spun my own yarn for, I may have to do some mixing and matching and take it from there. Can’t just take a preprinted pattern and use the yarn that was intended for it. Nope. Can’t do it. Gotta mix it up, change it here, adapt it there. Can’t leave well enough alone!
And, no, the mossi cardi is not done yet. But it almost is!


  1. LizAndrsn says

    I look forward to seeing the finished results. I wonder how your beautiful multi-colored work will fair in the wash?

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