General Stash-Busting Project Ideas

stash bustingOver the next week or so I’m going to be sharing a lot of different specific patterns that would be good for stash busting, but first I wanted to offer some general considerations for using bits of stash in projects to get you thinking.

If you have a bunch of odd balls that you’d like to use in a project, stripes are of course the classic. Whether you add stripes to a simple hat pattern or make a horizontal scarf in which you change yarns every row (I have one over at About if you want to see how it’s done), using stripes and a simple stitch pattern is a classic way to use up bits of yarn.

You could also use each ball to knit a swatch (all the same stitch pattern or a variety) and sew them together into a blanket.

Another option is to work a project mostly in one yarn and use an odd ball to work a single stripe. Alternatively you could work just the cast on in a different yarn for a interesting look.

Stitch Patterns for Stash-Busting

Both garter and stockinette are great choices when you’re going to be working random stripes, but stockinette in particular looks best if you’re consistently changing yarns on the same side of the work.

Other stitch patterns that are great for stripes include chevrons, fan patterns and patterns with slip stitches like linen stitch and bamboo stitch.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on stitch patterns and projects that are great for stash busting, and stay tuned for a ton more ideas.


  1. KateMet says

    I made a blanket of hexagons, each knit in the round, outside edge to center. You don’t really have to worry about where the yarn runs out, so long as you leave a tail to weave in. I hate, loathe, abhor and abominate sewing blocks together, so I picked up stitches on edges, and made it seamless. Sort of the ultimate “un-vented” pattern.

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