Geometric Patterns

I just love all the new [tag]geometric[/tag] patterns that are hitting the market lately. [tag]Designers[/tag] and [tag]yarn companies[/tag] are pushing the envelope with their thought processes and designing cutting edge sweater shapes that are not your grandmothers boxy cardigan! My thought are – It’s about time designs are getting trendy! I don’t want to look like a grandma – even tho I am one!

I received an email from [tag]Berroco[/tag] with pics from booklet #259 L’attitude. Berroco describes the booklet as containing “Pieces that make a statement include a swingy cardi that is very short in front and long in back, a circle coat, a one-piece shoulder topper, long v-neck vest with lace panels, a mesh shrug and a dramatic ribbed tunic, generously shaped with a dividend at the hip.

I just love the shape of Napoli. A swingy cardi is the perfect topper for your layered look. Then there is Nigella with a medalion look in the back center and knit in a circle. A new take on an attention-getting circle cardigan, this time in Touché with concentric circles of stitch patterning.



  1. Deb says

    I am in the process of knitting the Napoli sweater. The touche yarn is awful and although the shape of the sweater is nice, there were mistakes in the pattern and it’s a bear to knit. I’ll be so happy when it’s done. I dubbed it the SFH–sweater from hell.

  2. says

    Hey Deb, thanks for letting me know. I hate it when the yarn recommended sucks! Can you tell more as to why it is hard to knit – is the stitch difficult or just the combination of mistakes in the pattern and the awful yarn?

  3. Jane says

    I’m hunting for a knitting pattern for a cotton, one-piece shoulder wrap that includes three large buttons and one button hole. It is a stunning style in the stores but my mom has offered to knit me one—-a far better and more sentimental option!!! Any suggestions?

  4. Linda says

    Jane,I think I know the shoulder wrap you are talking about as my daughter and I saw one that she fell in love with. I am attempting to knit one now but with combo Alpaca and Peruvian wool by Berroco. If it turns out would be happy to send you a photo and the pattern I have come up with. The one we saw was all stockinette stitch but I’m doing broken rib around all edges to prevent curling.

  5. Peggy Jehle says

    I am on the hunt for the three button wrap. My oldest daughter has her heart set on it. Is such a pattern available??? ANYWHERE??? She never asks for anything, all the more reason to surprise her. Thanks so much for any information,

  6. EDNA BENOIT says

    I, too was working on Napoli sweater….No problem with the back…..The front couldn’t fathom it out…..Found out some errors. I’d love pattern for 3 button wrap…..Saw one down @ OLD Cape Cod $86.00. Thank you!!!!!!!

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