Getting Elemental with Berroco

berroco elementsHave you seen Berroco’s new Elements yarn? This wool/nylon blend is new for fall and hasn’t actually been released yet, but I’m super excited to try it out.

In the slideshow for the Elements pattern booklet, the yarn is described as a “technical yarn,” meaning that modern technology is the reason this yarn is able to exist. It’s described as a nylon net that the wool fibers are blown into, producing a halo of color around the nylon, which provides a metallic sheen that’s still subtle enough to wear in your daily life.

The yarn will come in 12 colors (I like Chromium, the light purple pictured here) and have 153 yards per 50 gram skein. That makes it a lighter yarn than you’d expect, so your sweaters and other garments will feel lighter on your body.

The booklet accompanying the yarn, #321, includes 10 patterns, or you can check out the free patterns Sagittaria — a ribbed cape with a button band and a bit of a collar– and Tauri Mini, a garter stitch keyhole scarf (a shawl-sized version is found in the booklet).

The projects are relatively easy, with lots of roomy shapes and minimal finishing. Pesasi is probably my favorite. It’s a simple A-line tunic with a V-neck that’s finished with slip stitches rather than ribbing or crochet. This means the edges roll slightly but it gives a nice informal look to the top — and in size small it weighs less than a pound!

Oriona is another interesting sweater in the collection. It is mostly stockinette stitch with a simple funnel neck (again no finishing) but the drop shoulders hit midway down the arm instead of actually on the shoulders, providing a fun detail.

If you check out the preview I’d love to hear what you think. Spill it!

[Photo by Berroco.]

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