Giveaway: 3-Month EduKnit Memberships

win a three-month subscription to eduknit

Congrats to Linda and Sarah!

Membership-based websites are really popular these days as a way to continue your education in a subject over a long period of time, whether you want to learn more about writing, marketing or even different crafts.

Knitting pros Gwen Bortner and Kellie Nuss brought this idea to the knitting world earlier this year when they launched EduKnit, a subscription site that offers videos, interviews, reviews and tutorials, all related to one aspect of the knitting life each month.

You can read more about how the site came together and what knitters can find there in my interview with them over at About.

If this sort of deep education about the how and the why of knitting interests you, this week I’ve got a great giveaway: two free three-month memberships to the site. eduknit

You’ll get access to all previous content (which as of now is more than 250 minutes of video and 20 in-depth blog posts) as well as all new content produced during the three months. At the end of the membership you’ll be given the option to continue at the regular price of $10 a month.

This sounds like a really great program so I’d love to hear what the winners think of it.

For a chance to win a membership, comment on this post before the end of the day Sunday, August 31. Why don’t you tell me what your biggest problem spot is when it comes to knitting or what you’d really like to learn next. (I may write future posts based on this information.)

Thanks for visiting, commenting and sharing, and good luck!


  1. Leigh Ann Bish says

    I am very experienced with crochet but have found it hard to learn to knit. I really want to be able to but struggle with the tension and the purl stitch (because I use my left hand to hold the yarn and provide the tension like I do when I am doing crochet). Would love to win this and learn. My dream is to knit socks someday!

  2. says

    Well I am very new to knitting only 2 projects under my belt. I have a hard time with the seed stitch. For some reason it really confuses me as well as the basket stithch.

  3. Maureen says

    I am afraid of double pointed needles. I also have not knitted using two different yarns on the same row.

  4. Jody says

    I still haven’t tried Intarsia but would love to learn! Sock gussets still give me a little trouble.

    JKnits51 on Ravelry

  5. Nancy J. Gill says

    I really want to learn 2-color brioche, but so far I haven’t even mastered the single color version,

  6. Chantel Lee says

    I think my biggest problem with knitting is just keeping my interest in finishing a project! Doing the same thing row after row gets boring!

  7. Sarah Oswald says

    I have a problem with recovering my stitches if I drop the, I would love any easy way if there is one to correct it.

  8. Leslie Gulley says

    Keeping the tension even and counting stitches. Would love to learn how to do these better.

  9. says

    My two main areas of weakness are sewing up (so boring after you’ve finished the fun part, ie. the knitting) and knitting on circular needles as they don’t go with my knitting technique!

  10. says

    Being a serial starter…I love learning new techniques and variations on pattern construction…they are like shiny objects that draw me to the next. Next would be … pattern writing for simple garments that are easily adapted for all sizes…almost unstructured…with space for adding texture / colorwork.

  11. Margay says

    My biggest issue is tension. I tend to knit too tight – especially when casting on – so I’d really like to know how to loosen up a bit without it becoming loopy and messy-looking.

  12. says

    For me it is probably the right fit. When I was younger everything I knitted was straight and fitted nicely. With my current curves I feel I have to do lots of extensive calculations but not sure it the end result would be good…. Thank you

  13. Marci Ellsworth says

    I really want to learn how to knit socks and conquer knitting in the round (again). I was able to do it easily when I was in Junior High School, but I can’t seem to conquer it again!

  14. Andrea B says

    I always have trouble with intarsia knitting, can never remember which way to twist the yarns on right vs wrong side of fabric

  15. says

    My next step in learning different knitting techniques is double knitting. I’ve just stranded stranding this past spring & love it!

  16. yolanda v says

    What a great giveaway!
    I’m a very new knitter…self taught.
    My dream is to knit socks and lacey wraps.
    I’d also like to learn to read graphed patterns.
    Thaank you for the chance… :o)

  17. Joyce Gallegos says

    What a wonderful giveaway! You can never learn enough, no matter how experienced you are there is always more to learn.
    Three months worth of classes, I hope to be that lucky. Good luck to everyone who enters.

  18. Barbara says

    Oops. I can not correct my mistakes in knitting, I would like to learn to do various corrections

  19. Chris says

    I struggle to really understand gauge – I mean, I get it in my head, but the actual measuring of it is challenging for me – and applying that to substituting yarns. Also, I have an aran sweater project, knit flat, that is scaring me – seaming, blocking, etc.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. says

    One of my biggest struggles is picking up stitches on edges (e.g. sleeves) without getting holes. And finding the time to learn magic loop … but I doubt you can help with the time issue :) I would like to learn more about cables; I’ve done some simple and “mock” versions, but I love the cable look and want to try more.

  21. Devaney says

    My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was very young and I have carried that knowledge with me for years making lots of fun crafts for my friends and family. However, I have recently reached the threshold of what I can do with a crochet needle and would love to learn how to knit so I can make new sweaters and scarves for the upcoming winter!! I’d be delighted if I won this subscription so I have a community to learn from.

  22. Rose Scott says

    I have been afraid to knit in the round on circular needles and also to try knitting with double pointed needles.

  23. says

    My crochet skills are still minimal so I’d love to expand those. Plus I’m wanting to try 2+ color brioche knitting. I’ve only done one-color brioche and the multi-color possibilities look amazing.

  24. Linda says

    I would like to know how to undo my knitting mistakes, by picking up the stitches in the correct manner. Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway

  25. B. says

    My biggest problem is getting things finished. Lots and lots of good patterns, yarns, techniques and only limited time in the day for knitting. So why not start something new altogether? Can anyone relate?

  26. says

    My biggest problem is my posture. I knit so much my neck starts aching.
    For those of you who hate sewing seams, try knitting top down in the round, no more seams!

  27. Paula Riley says

    I would like to learning some finishing techniques, especially putting in sleeves. I knitted a baby sweater for my friend’s granddaughter but haven’t figured out how to put the sleeves on. Now the baby is 9 months old & I knitted a 6 month size sweater so I’ll have to wait for someone to have another baby – a girl, the sweater is pink! Maybe by then I will have learned to put the sleeves in.

  28. Susan says

    I feel very comfortable in my knitting, but every time I do start a new knitting project, or at least some where through the project I have to either look up a stitch or re-teach myself how to do a stitch I have done before. Ex last evening, I had to look up on how to pick up stitches, trying to find someplace that can show me how to do it again, with it pertaining to what I need. I think your website can do that for me. Thank you!!!!

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