Giveaway – Boutique Knits by Laura Irwin

boutiqueWhat’s funky, trendsetting, head turning, styling and just flat-out fun? Boutique Knits, 20 Must Have Accessories by Laura Irwin from Interweave Press.

You can get it from Interweave, here:

Or, leave me a comment telling me about your knitting blog (or your favorite blog if you don’t have your own) and maybe win this book free! As usual, I’ll try to get my puppy to wake up long enough to pick the winner!

Boutique Knits includes:

  • Patterns that cover a variety of knitting techniques in varying degrees, including felting, intarsia, Fair Isle, lacework, and cables
  • Advice on incorporating non-knitting tools and techniques to transform your knitting to achieve that one-of-a-kind boutique feel: pliers, hammers, a sewing machine, use of millinery techniques, and handsewing techniques.
  • Unique adornment inspiration, such as buckles and bolts borrowed from leatherwork close an intricately cabled belt, a chain handle finishes a felted bag with circle pockets, leather lacing dresses up a knitted bag, and grommets finish a half-felted handbag.
  • Inspiration from vintage lace, beads, ribbon, and fabric-covered buttons!
  • Knitting and felting techniques to create effects like ruffles, shibori-style pleats, and clever shaping.
  • And more!

This collection of modern, stylish patterns will inspire beginning and intermediate knitters with its uncommon techniques and materials. Transform your knitting with Boutique Knits!


  1. Catie says

    Hello there
    I must admit that I am soooo new to blogs!
    My sister (bless her) just introduced me to the mania!! I am sooo hooked I don’t have a fav at this time so I will start with yours

  2. Anne Martin says

    Don’t have a blog, but love the read and listen to Never Not Knitting. So many interesting patterns and her little girl is darling.

  3. says

    I don’t have a blog.. but read many.. I especially love Spud and Chloe and natural suburbia, as well as Helene Rush from Knit one Crochet two.. Hope I win this book

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