101 Spectacular Knitted Creations and Daring Feats

Talk about out of the box!

Sweaters so small they can fit on the end of a pin, knitted food, body parts and skeletons. Wow, this book has it all. Then you find afghans, sweaters and hats knitted with techniques and patterns that require the thought processes of an advanced calculus student.

There are specimens like a knitted wedding, faberge eggs, dolls and critter clothes. There’s no end to the knitted creations.

This isn’t a pattern book, but more of an idea book with short stories. A total treatise on a whole lot of different knitted creations.

Giveaway ends in one week, on Aug 10, 2011. Leave me a comment about the strangest, or most unusual knitted creation you’ve ever seen!


  1. Gwendolyn says

    I guess I’m not that expierenced because the weirdest knits I have seen were knitted jewelry and animals.

  2. Serena says

    Pretty cool. I’m always interested in the knitting feats of others. I especially like the little sweaters. They’re just so cute! :)

  3. says

    i remember the forklifts knitting with telephone poles, lol! I love the weird and strange as well, or just the incredible ones that you say” i would never have the patience!” The mini mini knit items made with thread, the knit frog who has been cut up in science class, but the funny ones are the cozies for all things created in the world!

  4. says

    I knitted sweaters for penguins that were victims of an oil spill in Australia. If the penguins groom their oily feathers, the oil is toxic and will kill them. Rescue workers put sweaters on them to prevent grooming until they can be bathed. The sweaters were about the size of a big mitten- just a tube w rib top and bottom and slits on the sides for their wings to come out. I made a pink one with a grosgrain bow at the neck, a red mohair cabled one, and I cant’ remember the 3rd one!

    Regarding weird knitted items. tops has to be the hand knitted penis and scrotum cozy pattern that I saw online.

  5. Carmen says

    I haven’t knitted anything strange – yet. But I remember hearing about someone knitting a wasp’s nest. Something about hanging it outside was supposed to deter real wasps from building a nest because of the competition.

  6. Muireann says

    I think the most unusual (and coolest!) thing I saw was the knitted whale by Hannah Haworth at the NYC Vogue Knitting Show. It was amazing! Thanks for the chance to win.

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