Giveaway: 10 Secrets of the Laidback Knitters

secrets of the laidback knittersIt’s summer in the top half of the world, which means its time for relaxing. Our hobbies least of all should be causing us stress, so I thought it was appropriate to give away a copy of 10 Secrets of the Laidback Knitters by Vicki Stiefel and Lisa Souza.

This fun book offers tips, profiles and patterns to inspire you to take knitting a little less seriously and still learn a lot from it. You’ll discover things like why it pays to be a barefoot sock knitter, how to become a slow knitter (and why that probably doesn’t mean what you think it means), learn how to knit without a pattern and even flirt with crochet a little.

To enter for a chance to win this book, leave a comment on this post before the end of the day Sunday, June 23. Let me know what technique or skill in knitting scares you. I don’t know if I have any fears in knitting left (other than really intricate lace, maybe) but I’m deathly afraid of sewing zippers into sewn garments!

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  1. jo says

    no real fears unless being afraid I’ll never have a chance to do all the projects I want counts… It’s scary when I sort thru yarn & pattern stash looking for something & “find” a forgotten something I love, & want to do!!

  2. Jane S. says

    I don’t really have any fears about knitting other than dropping stitches! I’m not experienced in picking them up, so I usually end up starting over. Fortunately I’ve never dropped a stitch when I was very far along in a project!

  3. Lindsey says

    I want knitting to be more relaxing and less about having to look back at directions!

  4. donna says

    Working from a chart! Silly since I am an avid cross stitcher, but cannot convince myself I can knit from a chart

  5. Dorothee says

    I love knitting and now my grandchildren have moved to a colder part of the country my needles are busy all the time. But I would like to be a bit more adventurous and use more than 2 colours without having long loops of thread on the back of the work.

  6. joyce says

    Steeking is the one technique I have heard about that I don’t think I would have the courage to try.

  7. nancy d says

    Lace frustrates me more then scares me. Ive started several projects only to tear it out and push it to the side. But I love the look, so every now and then I try again. And tear it out! One of these days I’ll figure it out. This book looks fun. If I couldn’t laugh at myself I wouldn’t be able to pick up my needles to keep trying.

  8. Stephanie Donnis says

    I teach in a high poverty school and believe knitting could help my students focus and release anger constructively. What scares me? They will master this skill faster than I. Bring the challenge on!

  9. says

    This book sounds perfect for me. I take my knitting so seriously, just want to get it right. Need to learn to play a bit, but not sure how to.

  10. Loretta says

    I’m teaching myself to knit and I need all the help I can get!!!
    I would loooove to get my hands on that book! !

  11. Jaan L of Tx says

    Socks, I am deathly afraid to try knitting socks. And I love socks, I collect socks, but just scared of trying to knit my own. And it kills me as there are so many yarns and designs that I would love to have socks made from.

  12. Lisa Jene says

    I’ve only started knitting. I can do scarves and afghans. Anything with corners, like socks, scares me to death.

  13. caroline says

    I would love to be able to do more fancy knitting. I think this book would help me to do so.

  14. Marianna says

    I have knitted for a long time and I’m not afraid to try a new technique. I’m not sure this is a fear, though: I have a lot of trouble getting my knitting to conform to the measurements given in the pattern. I could use some help in that area, or at least some hints to help me not worry about it excessively.

  15. Linda says

    I already have this book & love it. It’d be a great gift for a knitting friend of mine. Thanks for the opportunity.

  16. Mariann says

    I’ve knit afghans and smaller items of simple stitching. I’m open to learning
    and improving my knitting skills. This would be exciting:)

  17. Mary says

    It definitely is faire isle. IT just can’t seem to understand how to get the right yarn in the right places. I would love to have the chance to have the book you are giving. Thank you so very much for the opportunity!!! ;o)

  18. Carmen says

    I still consider myself a beginner but yet nothing is too difficult to try – I’ve already done lace, cables. That said, I haven’t been brave enough to try entrelac. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Diane YR says

    I knit a lot so decided to try lace knitting. I’ve tinked it several times and now have put it away. I’ll get it out again soon but some tips on lace knitting would be a big help.

  20. Debbie says

    I have only been knitting since January. I am now working on my second pair of socks. I have been looking at sweaters and that scares me…uniformity

  21. Kim Reid says

    Knitting socks has scared me, I’ve tried to knit a sock and couldn’t go any further than the ankle. I would love a chance to win, thanks!

  22. Hollie Jones says

    I am still fairly new to knitting, & I am really enjoying learning new techniques. I am still nervous of making things like baby clothes & socks! But I plan on starting that soon!

  23. Laura says

    I’m just learning how to knit now, so everything is somewhat scary to try, I’d love to create some beautiful things with knitting though, so I’m going to keep at it until I can really learn all of it ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. Vicki Stiefel says

    Thanks so much, Sarah, for this giveaway of my and Lisa Souza’s 10 Secrets of the LaidBack Knitters. Best of luck to everyone entering the giveaway! Vicki

  25. E White says

    After 50 years of knitting and many years of teaching beginners I know that nothing in knitting is as hard as it looks but if you don’t know then you don’t know…I am still learning new things all the time and don’t hesitate to rip out and redo…practice is key.

  26. Louise says

    Figuring out the right size to knit sweaters/cardigans scares me. I have been avoiding knitting Vodka Lemonade for months. Even though I have knitted for many years, I worry that after finishing the garment will not fit. Shawls and scarves are so much more forgiving.


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