Giveaway: Annie Modesitt Books

confessions of a knitting hereticLast week’s giveaway included a book by Annie Modesitt, which reminded me that I have a couple of extra copies of some of her other books, too.

This giveaway is for a copy of Confessions of a Knitting Heretic, which is sort of a memoir with tips, techniques, projects and instructions on her method of knitting that’s known as combination knitting. This book is so useful and flipping through it I’m finding all sorts of great stuff: how to make directional cables with a bias panel, tips for buttonhole placement, and really fun techniques for knitting plaid, to name a few random pages I turned to. I definitely need to read this one again soon.

The other book included in this giveaway is Cheaper Than Therapy: Joy, Healing & Life Lessons in Fiber. This is an essay collection Annie edited (it has a couple of her essays as well) full of stories about how knitting and crochet can help heal hurt and get people through really difficult situations in their lives.

They’re both really fun books and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.

For your chance to win, leave a comment below before the end of the day next Wednesday (that’s Feb. 6 for those keeping score. Can you believe it’s February tomorrow already!). Let’s see, how about you share something about how knitting has helped you get through a hard time, if you want. I’ll start: I’m sure knitting was very helpful to me when my daughter was born six weeks early and I spent a week in the NICU with her. It was so nice to be able to do something constructive (and to make a hat small enough for her head!) that helped me not dwell on the scariness of the situation so much.


  1. E White says

    During the time my husband was in the hospital for several months before his death I only left on Saturday mornings to teach a beginners class at my lys. Without that contact with the outside world I probably would have not survived the ordeal.

  2. Ginny D says

    The only thing I can think of is a time my class knitted hats to help the homeless and newborn babies through a cold winter!

  3. Dennis says

    Both books sound like something I really need. Learning to knit is hard for me because the first time someone was teaching me they did it all wrong so I learned how to do it bad so I really could learn somethings from them. Thanks for the chance.

  4. Nancy D says

    This is more of a crochet project…but several years ago I became very ill with thyroid disease. My eyes had become painful so it hurt to read or even watch TV. I gathered lots of yarns from my stash and with a basic crochet stitch started a Afghan. It is huge and colorful and saved me many hours of boredom and stress from my illness. These books sound fun! A great addition to my library!

  5. Barbara says

    Learning. Did my first hat on circulars this summer. Heard you could use two circulars instead of ending up on dpn’s. It went remarkably well Ran out and got another circular to try.

  6. says

    Knitting has not helped me YET, but I am sure it will. I’ve always wanted to knit but didn’t have the time to learn. This year though, I have graduated from my college and would love to start soon! It’ll help me to make adorable outfits for my niece and nephews and for my friend’s children and also, perhaps some tiny home gifts for myself 😛 hehe. There’s a lot of things I saved up about knitting online but just have not put to use. I’m sure this book would be really helpful if I can get my hands on em.

  7. Lynn says

    Knitting makes me very happy. I try to get a little knitting in every day. It can be the best therapist, too.

  8. suza says

    I have an auto immune disease and I care for my mom. I am under enormous stress the knitting helps me to refocus and makes those unbearable minutes in Doctors waiting rooms pass more pleasantly. But recently I came in contact with a family who was on the down and outs and whose apartment and car were totaled in Sandy. I knit her year and a half old and 8 week old winter hats. I wanted to let the mom know that there were strangers who cared and that good things would happen for her. Knitting can heal a lot.

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