Giveaway: Cast On, Bind Off

cast on bind off cap seaseHow many different cast ons and bind offs do you regularly use? If you’re like me, not very many. There are probably three or four cast ons I ever use, and I almost always use the standard bind off or grafting to get my stitches off the needle.

But there are many, many, many more ways to go about starting and stopping our knitting than most of us know. Cap Sease knows. She’s collected more than 200 different ways to cast on and bind off in her appropriately titled book Cast On, Bind Off (link to my review at About).

I found this book much more inspiring than I thought I would; I really want to try some of these different methods and see if I like them better than the more traditional ones I use.

Want to win a copy? Let me know your favorite cast on or bind off method in the comments below by the end of the day next Sunday (Sept. 23). I’ll pick a winner at random on Monday. Good luck!


  1. geri actor says

    I usully use the long tail cast-on, but sometimes modify it by not doubling the base yarn if I want a stretchier fabric.

  2. Dinonut says

    The only two I know are the slip knot and long tail. I didn’t even know there were other methods. Duh! Could really use this book.

  3. Linda Rumsey says

    I usually use the cable cast-on and normal(?) cast-off, but as my knitting projects advance I find patterns call for different casting on and off methods. This book will be a great resource to have!

  4. Shirley says

    I’m afraid I just use what I call the thumb cast on. I always have liked the look of it and I’ve been using it for a long time.

  5. says

    I usually use cable or knitted cast on. It’s hard to believe there are so many other ways. Fingers and toes crossed that I get to see this book!

    from after dark VT,
    the Vermonster

  6. MaryB says

    I only know one way to cast on and I have no idea what it is called! I didn’t even know there were so many ways to cast on.

  7. Jess says

    I haven’t ever attempted any other ways to cast on so I just use the long tail and I just bind off in knit or purl depending on the pattern. I’d love to play around with other options. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Lorrie Kessler says

    For everyday, long-tail cast on. For socks, Judy’s magic cast on. For binding off, depends on why the pattern is, usually a basic cast off or a crocheted one.

  9. Ingrid says

    What a cool book! I only know one cast on and one bind off method – mom taught me…. don’t know what they’re called… I phone her and she talks me through whenever it’s been too long since the last project and I forget how to hold the yarn, the needles and my fingers :)

  10. Paula Cyphert says

    I like to co in pattern or long tail. I never knew there were so many ways to co or bo. This would be great for me. Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  11. Jennifer says

    I’m new to knitting so the only thing I know is long tail cast on and the basic cast off. It’d be amazing to learn new ways to create!