Giveaway: Goodies from Kollage

kollage square needlesSo sorry last week got away form me without a giveaway! I’ll make it up to you this week with a really great one.

Do you know about Kollage Yarns? This is a really fun company that makes some wonderful eco-friendlier yarn using materials like corn, milk, soy, organic cotton and recycled denim fiber.

They also make awesome Square knitting needles, which are designed to be more ergonomically comfortable and produce more even stitches than other needles out there. I read on their website that a wide range of knitters can get the exact same gauge on these needles because of the way the square shape evens out your knitting. You can check out my full review of the needles over at About.

So this week I have a double treat for you: a set of size 3 US circular knitting needles and a skein of Riveting worsted in Storm Denim color. (No the needle and the yarn are not compatible, but it’s what I have!)

To enter just leave a comment here before the end of the day Sunday. Since the needles are meant to be easier on the body, why don’t you tell me if knitting ever causes you physical pain. Or, if it doesn’t, tell me if you’ve ever knit with recycled material yarn before. It’s a lot of fun.

The winner will be chosen at random by the random number generator. Good luck!


  1. teresa wiers says

    I tend to knit tightly and after a while my fingers to ache. But it doesn’t stop me. As for the recycled materials i have crocheted with plarn it was fun to make out of plastic grocery store bags – i crocheted a purse

  2. Cindy Sasaki says

    I haven’t worked with recycled yarn – yet. And I haven’t suffered any physical ailments from knitting… but ripping out stitches to correct a mistake does cause me mental anguish…i seem to do it more often than i care to mention ;o) thanks!

  3. Sigrid says

    After doing spring cleaning last year I’ve made my own yarn from plastic shopping bags and from old T-shirts. It was a lot of fun making handbags, rugs and hats with my home made yarn : )

  4. Marilyn Coombs says

    Hi! I enjoy knitting but as I get older, my fingers are painful. I would like to try the square type needles. I have knitted with recycled material,I think it was bamboo.

  5. says

    Knitting does cause pain esp during the cast on when I use 2 yarns together. I have crocheted with recycled materials and posted them in my blog too.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. darcy b. says

    one time i had been knitting a hat for my dad (big bulky and longer than most, like he wanted) and i was finishing up on Christmas eve morning when i wrecked it. i spent all day Christmas eve re-knitting the entire hat (thankfully it was super-bulky yarn). on Christmas day, my hands, shoulders, and neck were really stiff and sore!

  7. Nancy says

    At times my hands can get stiff. It happens more if I am working more on tight, smaller stitches. I just have to give myself more breaks and stretch my hands out more often.

  8. Linda says

    My two favorite things-knitting and recycling! I’d love to make my new grandson a sweater from recycled denim!

  9. Kim Reid says

    I have carpal tunnel issues and take frequent breaks when knitting.
    I would love to enter, Thanks!

  10. Galatina says

    I sometimes get cramp in my hands & if I’m working with a harder yarn and smaller needles, get an indented index finger. Not that bad though at all! Certainly wouldn’t stop my knitting!

  11. Joye boudreau says

    I have a set of kollage 5 mm and I like them but find them very heavy and they fall out of my project. I realize the ones made in the USA are better.
    I have never seen their yarn but sounds interesting.