Giveaway: Knitted Mitts & Mittens

knitted mitts and mittens

Congratulations to our winner Joyce!

This week I’m kicking off the blog tour for Amy Gunderson’s new book Knitted Mitts & Mittens both here and at About. That first link is to my review of her book; you’ll also find an interview with Gunderson if you want to learn a little bit more about her.

And over here, I’m giving away a copy of her brand new book. This book features 25 patterns, mostly for mitts, but also some mittens and a pair of gloves (with two fingers missing their tips so you can text or use your phone while you have the gloves on). The book includes a nice array of patterns and techniques on a small scale, so it’s great for learning if there are some things here you haven’t tried before.

Many of the patterns offer multiple sizes as well, which I like because I have tiny hands, but also because that means you can make some of them for men. It’s always good to have patterns for the guys in your life that they may actually use!

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post before the end of the day Sunday, April 6. Why don’t you let me know if you like to wear fingerless gloves (I’m thinking of putting some on as I type this, even though I’m wearing a short-sleeved shirt; my hands are always cold!).

There will be one winner picked at random.

Thanks for visiting, commenting and sharing, and good luck!


  1. Maureen says

    I have not worn fingerless gloves but mother has when she was moving because the heat was turned off in the house and it was cold.

  2. Robin Crittenden says

    I need fingerless I gloves here at work because im freezing too plus smartphones dont work with gloves..

  3. Judy Cornell says

    I love figureless gloves. I have lupus and my hands get cold. I also like the mittens that flip open so I can use my hands. Looks like a great book.

  4. Dot says

    I haven’t worn fingerless gloves. But I like to knit small items, and these look like a good thing to try.

  5. Teresa Knittingdancer says

    I like to wear fingerless mitts because you can pick up things without having to pull the mittens off. They keep your hands warmer than you think they would without the fingers.

  6. Karen in KS says

    Fingerless gloves are great! Perfect for using the phone as I’ve never found gloves made to use with them that fit well.

  7. Linda Rumsey says

    I wear a pair most days; my hands are always cold, no matter if I’m indoors or out!

  8. says

    I make ’em, wear ’em & gift ’em! Keep a pair in my desk drawer at work (shorties, just over the wristbone), and have a much longer pair (Arden) in work — for when the air is turned on this summer. I’ll still be able to wear short sleeves, but be covered by wool from knuckles to elbows!

  9. Marilyn (Merry) Fenton says

    No fingerless gloves for me. I’m always up for mittens for Nebraska winters though.
    wahoomerryf on Ravelry

  10. Ruth says

    Fingerless gloves would be great for reading (and turning pages) in our chilly family room. So, although I’ve never worn them, I do want to knit a pair. Thank you for this opportunity!

  11. Andrea B says

    I am a big fan of fingerless mittens so I can still type at work and keep my hands warm.

  12. joyce says

    Just this past winter I started using fingerless mitts while I was on the computer. It was a cold winter, so I got desperate.

  13. Tina S says

    I love wearing fingerless gloves! My hands stay warm leaving my fingers free for writing, texting, and knitting. This looks like a really great book. Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. kim says

    I love fingerless mittens so I can still type.
    Would love to win, if I start knitting now I might have some christmas presents done on time!

  15. Pat says

    I do wear them all of the time ,because they leave my finger tips free for texting ect. I always have cold hands. I also have arthritis in my hand and wrists so they can be a life saver at times.

  16. says

    I like fingerless mitts since they leave your fingers free for gadget operation. My fingers get cold tho and I find I use full gloves more often.

  17. Marie Woodman says

    I love making fingerless mitts for my granddaughter, who wears them every day to school!!

  18. Carmen says

    I finished a pair for myself just last month … just in time for the weather to warm up some. But I’m sure I’ll use them next year as it was freezing most of the winter in my office!

  19. Karey says

    I love fingerless gloves! They keep my hands warm but allow me to still feel things!

  20. Ann says

    I just finished knitting my first lpair of fingerless gloves for a friend. My daughters want some….”for holding hot chocolate” just like the photos!

  21. says

    I started wearing fingerless mitts when I learned how to knit since they were one of my first projects, and I have knitted and worn them ever since. I am often cold and love to keep my wrists warm, it makes such a difference at once. Mittens are a wonderful way to knit up leftover sock and lace yarn and they make for lovely presents, too.

  22. Cindy S says

    I haven’ found a use for finger less gloves yet, my fingers are cold and need to be covered too.

  23. says

    I love to wear fingerless gloves in spring and fall. And in winter I always use them when I drive. I also love to knit mittens and fingerless gloves.

  24. Alexandra says

    I love to knit them, but living in central California means that it’s cold enough for gloves for about five minutes.

  25. Susan Samuel says

    I have not worn fingerless gloves since I was a teenager. I wonder if it is a youngster thing and us olders feel the cold more and need the fingers.

  26. Lorinda says

    I love wearing finger-less gloves. They keep my hands warm while I can still feel with my finger tips. You can also grip items a lot better than when you are wearing full fingered gloves.


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