Giveaway: Knitting off the Axis

knitting off the axis

The winner is number 42, Kim! Congratulations.

If spring has you wanting to try something a little different when it comes to knitting, this week’s giveaway should interest you.

It’s for one copy of Mathew Gnagy’s Knitting Off the Axis, which is all about different ways to knit projects sideways. These 15 projects are mostly for intermediate to advanced knitters because of the interesting knitting techniques.

Some of the projects are worked completely from side to side, while others are mostly sideways and still others are worked in several directions at once.

These mind-bending, skill-building projects are a lot of fun and will make you feel awfully smart, even though all you did was follow directions.

To enter to win this book, leave a comment on this post before the end of the day next Monday, March 31. Why don’t you tell me what the biggest knitting-related challenge is that you’ve overcome, or that you’d like to overcome. Mine is probably double knitting, which I stayed away from for a long time but learned isn’t really as bad as I thought it would be.

Thanks for visiting (and sharing!) and good luck.


  1. Andrea Johnson says

    For trickiest knitting technique I’ve tried, I think it’s a tie between entrelac and domino knitting. Between the two I’ve gotten pretty good at picking up stitches. :-)

  2. Wendy Borchetta says

    Love the flow of side to side knitting….
    I love the challenge of all types of knitting and trying something new. If all else fails I rip it out, perfect the technique and start again.

  3. Kylie C says

    Colorwork- the charts and tangle possibilities scared me off until I bit the bullet and made some two color knotwork gloves.

  4. Suzan Sander says

    Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway. Most challenging is the lace sweater I am making for my daughter. Pattern is not written well (quote from designer) but it is lovely. I am scared to try double knitting and intarsia knitting.

  5. Carmen says

    My biggest challenge is cables. I’ve done little ones up to this point (just 2-3 stitches) but I still struggle.

  6. *Nicole Sender says

    My challenge is to become less reliant on strictly following the directions. I’d like to be more flexible.

  7. CraftyLinda says

    Knitting Double pointed needles. I use circulars when I can…am working on my first toe up sock now. Thanks for the chance to win this book I would really love to have it as I like new challenges.

  8. says

    I’ve learned to pick up stitches, assemble a garment, and turn a heel. Now I want to learn lace knitting and attempt to make more challenging patterns.


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