Giveaway: Light & Layered Knits

light & layered knits giveawayThere’s still some time left for summer knitting, and plenty of need yet to come for knit tops you can layer by adding a jacket on top (or wearing a sweater on top of something else).

Vicki Square’s Light and Layered Knits has 19 knit top patterns ranging from detailed tanks to simple sweaters, a novelty yarn jacket and more. These pieces are great for dressing up or down, wearing every day or saving for special occasions.

I have one copy of this book to give away; if you want it, leave a comment on this post before the end of the day Sunday, August 10. Since I know I could use a pick me up, why don’t you tell me a piece of good news in your life. (Mine is that today my husband took my daughter so I could get some rare uninterrupted work done during her summer break.)

Thanks for visiting, commenting and sharing and good luck!


  1. says

    This looks like a great book – especially here in South Texas (where our winter wardrobe includes long-sleeve t-shirts).
    My good news is that is that my yarn shop is clean today and my employee noticed… and is committed to keeping it that way. lol.

  2. Maureen says

    My husband took the day off today so that we could spend some time together. Staycation.

  3. Mel p says

    An older neighbor who is clearing out her house recently gifted me her yarn stash – how great is that?!

  4. Jess says

    This book looks like it has some beautiful knitted items! Would be great for Colorado weather.

  5. Nancy Gill says

    It’s ALWAYS time for summer knitting here in Phoenix AZ – if it’s not summer at the moment, it will be in a few short months! This is perfect for where I live, and I really need it! My good news is that the AC is working again!

  6. says

    What a great book!
    I am currently spending my summer break. Today I have had a lazy Monday I haven’t had from months. It was so perfect day with a great progress in my knitting project :)

  7. says

    I found a dollhouse that I’d put away a while ago that my kids had never seen – voila! Entertainment for this entire stormy afternoon! :)

  8. Kitten With A Whiplash says

    I haven’t any good news right now, but sometime shortly after the 10th I’d be delighted to inform you that I won a copy of Light and Layered Knits. Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. says

    I’m dog-sitting this week. Since I’m currently petless, I love having the chance to have an animal for the week, minus the long-term commitment and the vet bills.

  10. KittenWithAWhiplash says

    I don’t have any good new right now, but shortly after the 10th, I’d be very happy if I could announce I’d won a copy of Light & Layered knits. Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. says

    Great looking book and great to improve that winter wardrobe. I’m in Cyprus so never know what our winter weather is going to be like.
    My thing to be happy about is that I am just finalizing a free activitiesday for local kids. Can’t wait!! Xx

  12. patmom says

    I would love to win this book! I’m looking forward to knitting something light and with a new soft yarn.
    patmom on ravelry


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