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win a copy of the knitter's notebookIf you’ve ever wanted to design your own garments or just want to keep your knitting records better organized, then this giveaway is for you.

The Knitter’s Notebook is a portable journal, sketchbook and reference for knitters that includes tips on how to measure, sizing guidelines and standard sizes for men, women and children, a technique glossary and project record pages. These pages have a place for you to note the start and finish dates of a project, who you made it for, where the pattern came from, what yarn you used and how much, gauge, needles, notions, stitch patterns and notes. There are also blank charts so you can copy the charts from the pattern or even draw your own if you want to add something different to a project.

After this section there’s an inventory section where you can keep track of what needles and yarn you have (up to 42 different kind of yarn, if I counted right). There’s also a place to note sizes of family members or others you knit for often and a section for note taking, sketching and charting your designs.

This all comes in a little book-sized notebook with a strap to keep it closed.

This would be a lot of fun if you’re the sort of person who would actually use it. I’m not, so one of you gets to try it out!

If you’d like to win this one, leave a comment on this post before the end of the day Sunday, July 6. Why don’t you tell me how your knitting stuff is organized now. I write patterns in notebooks or on random pieces of paper, so you know something like this would be good for me, but I just can’t get that organized.

Thanks for visiting, commenting and sharing, and good luck!

By Sarah White

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72 Comments so far

  1. Andrea Cox on June 30, 2014 11:51 am

    I’m very unorganized when knitting but I’ve only learned how in the past year. This would be great to help me learn to be organized!

  2. Marci on June 30, 2014 11:54 am

    It would be great to have a dedicated notebook with pre-printed information!

  3. Deb Kegelmeyer on June 30, 2014 11:56 am

    I write my notes everywhere! Scraps, ipad notes and in notes sections of patterns not to mention on Pinterest. I keep thinking I should have a notebook just like I do for my day job.

  4. Stephanie on June 30, 2014 12:16 pm

    I literally just started knitting and am working on my 1st project. I have been keeping notes on the pattern itself.

  5. Alicia on June 30, 2014 12:17 pm

    I print out the patterns and have to shuffle through the pages to find what I’m looking for – and then hope they don’t get lost in the rest of the mess!

  6. gina on June 30, 2014 12:21 pm

    would be great to have somewhere to keep notes together, poor patterns all have notes for future reference.

  7. TN on June 30, 2014 12:24 pm

    I rely pretty heavily on Ravelry, but I would love to convert to using paper.

  8. Dawn Miner on June 30, 2014 12:38 pm

    This is an awesome idea!! I really need to get one of these

  9. Molly on June 30, 2014 12:39 pm

    My ideas are all in my head cus if I leave random pieces of paper around I’ll throw them out :S I need a book to keep them together and this is absolutely adorable

  10. annie on June 30, 2014 12:49 pm

    I utilize pinterest for online patterns, but all my original patterns are written on loose paper that are always disorganized.

  11. Beth Pitard on June 30, 2014 1:07 pm

    I have been using a steno-book and a 3 ring binder with sheet protectors. It would be great to have a book that is made “just for me”.

  12. Sherrie Wall on June 30, 2014 1:07 pm

    Organization!? You mean having yarn, needles, and notes stuck in every nook and cranny isn’t organized. I would love to be organized, but not sure it will happen in this lifetime.

  13. Candice Morgan on June 30, 2014 1:22 pm

    This would be a great organizer as I start teaching my High School Dec Arts class.. knitting, crocheting, tatting, etc

  14. Barbara Grauvogl on June 30, 2014 2:02 pm

    I’ve gone mostly digital – but this would be great for the odds and ends that don’t make it to the ‘cloud’.

  15. jonquil on June 30, 2014 2:45 pm

    Not very organized at the moment. Yarn packed away in storage boxes while patterns are kept in a file folder.

  16. Karen in KS on June 30, 2014 2:52 pm

    I keep notes on the patterns I’m working with or on post it notes with ideas for patterns I keep in stitch dictionaries, which I tend to forget about or lose. It would be great to have a journal to keep everything in one place!

  17. Stefanie Wolford on June 30, 2014 2:55 pm

    I use Ravelry to kinda keep things organized, but my hard copy patterns are a little spread out between the coffee table and the craft room. And then I have a separate little notebook for pattern notes. It’s a little haphazard. :)

  18. Pam on June 30, 2014 3:02 pm

    Okay, so I’m rather new to knitting and I’m finding that the practice of keeping stash is currently more attractive than the actual knitting. I think because I am new to it (well, I knit when my children were small but they are grown now and I’m retired and just getting back to the hobby). My first two projects didn’t turn out as expected, so I am a little discouraged but now I’m working on a scarf that I truly love so maybe the tide is turning. I would like to keep track of the yarn I am purchasing the projects I have in mind for that yarn. Currently, I in total chaos with yarn and projects. Being organized is a fetish of mine so the book would be a HUGE help to me as I begin my journey to become the KNITTING GODDESS!!!

  19. Pat Dunn on June 30, 2014 3:50 pm

    I use file folders for patterns and notes;a small set of drawers holds my yarn, folder and books.

  20. Trish King on June 30, 2014 3:52 pm

    I have my yarn in shopping bags sorted by where it came from. Currently my categories are Hobby Lobby, Joann, and LYS (Local Yarn Shop) Handheld knitting gallery.

  21. Rebecca on June 30, 2014 4:05 pm

    I have a stack of printouts, a little “book” I made using sleeve protectors and a binding, and then notebooks and post-it notes scattered between my knitting corner in the living room, and my yarn storage room in the basement. Not organized at all!

  22. Robin Christofaro on June 30, 2014 4:35 pm

    I have patterns printed out or just written out. I try to keep them all in a binder, but sometimes they just won’t stay there!

  23. Dona Cannon on June 30, 2014 5:56 pm

    This is a great idea!

  24. Revathi on June 30, 2014 6:55 pm

    I recently started designing some patterns. As of now I write them on my IPad but , notebook just got knitting patterns is a great idea.

  25. RJ Gosnell on June 30, 2014 7:33 pm

    I have spiral bound notebooks… I photocopy or print the pattern and then I WRITE out the pattern in my book- in the headline, I indicate what book, name of the pattern, needles used, yarn used, size I am making, and the date I start the project. This way, if I have any questions about any of the techniques or stitches needed for the project, I can research it on the internet (on your site about.com knitting , Sarah!) BEFORE I start the project. I make a notation in the margin “L/O” to show where I “left off” this way, I can instantly open the notebook, and pick up any of my projects and know just where to pick-up to begin! I would LOVE to win this to see if there is something else I could be doing to be even more organized.

  26. Donna H on June 30, 2014 7:36 pm

    I keep all my pattern in a 3-ring binder in plastic sleeves. But I don’t like writing notes on my knitting patterns (can’t really say why), so I scribble my notes on scrap paper – not the best method.

    This notebook sounds very useful and practical. Thanks for this giveaway!!

  27. Mariann on June 30, 2014 7:55 pm

    I keep scraps of paper everywhere. I’m desperate for help organizing my notes and patterns. This is a longstanding chore I need to tackle. This notebook sounds like a solution.

  28. Jill on June 30, 2014 8:28 pm

    I am pretty techie.. I keep word docs of all my design notes and pictures of drawings.. But I love carrying around a notebook with my current knitting projects.. Socks… Thank you!

  29. Chris on June 30, 2014 8:40 pm

    Great book idea, my patterns are organized in plastic sleeves in a 3 (well several) ring binders by pattern type. My yarn by quality and color. Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. Sara on June 30, 2014 9:45 pm

    I write my patterns on any piece of paper that is close to me. I try to stick them all in a notebook but I have a few of those flying around the house. One is completely full!

  31. Shari on June 30, 2014 10:18 pm

    I post sticky notes on my patterns and have them in a pile on a bookshelf in my office. They are supposed to go into a 3-ring binder (in page protectors). But they haven’t made it in there yet.

  32. Jo-Ann on July 1, 2014 1:01 am

    Any piece of paper at hand. Napkins, gum wrappers etc. then placed (read stuffed) into my knitting bag!

  33. Lisa on July 1, 2014 1:12 am

    Generally I print out a pattern or drag a knitting book (large) around. I would definitely use a notebook and must get myself organised in order to do so! ;)

  34. MelodyJ on July 1, 2014 3:21 am

    Organized! What’s that?

  35. Barbara Young on July 1, 2014 4:07 am

    This sounds great – I love to journal and I love to knit. This would be perfect.

  36. CraftCrave | DigiFree | CraftCrave on July 1, 2014 4:49 am

    […] Giveaway: The Knitterā€™s Notebook – 1 freebie(s)? […]

  37. PJ on July 1, 2014 8:05 am

    My knitting notes are on scraps of paper all over the house. Not clever! I’d love a proper dedicated notebook to organise it all… Pretty please…

  38. Karin W on July 1, 2014 8:51 am

    Sadly there is no organization to my knitting stuff :(

  39. Ellie on July 1, 2014 9:25 am

    I’m not very organized…I have papers that I mark with pencil or stickies, but if I lay aside for later…somehow they end up misplaced in books, tatting papers..even ideas jotted down disappear, only to be found later and I wonder what they were!

  40. Jenna Taylor on July 1, 2014 9:32 am

    I neeed this for my daughter! I’m constantly finding notes and patterns written on envelopes, the back of magazines, and at one point on the back of my w2 form! (seriously, who does that!?) Is live to give this to her!

  41. Thami on July 1, 2014 10:49 am

    Printed patterns are in binders(4) with all the books. Needles are in pencil cases with clear covers. Yarns are boxed by color. Computer file is a mess, but, its all in the “knitting” file! Favorite links also have their own folder! As for writing anything down, I really should start someday! :) I am grounded from purchasing any more yarn till I use up most of what I have. I think its gonna take another year!

  42. vicki on July 1, 2014 11:36 am

    I use a composition journal to keep track of my knitting however a pre-formatted journal would be awesome. My printed patterns are in three ring binders.

  43. Margie on July 1, 2014 11:38 am

    How my knitting stuff is organized? It’s not…that’s why I need this book!

  44. Mary Rokisky on July 1, 2014 11:46 am

    Oh my this would be perfect, I could get all of my material out of a shoe box (LOL).

  45. Anne Marie on July 1, 2014 11:55 am

    Uuuuhm, my knitting stuff is in a large pile in the corner of my bedroom which my husband keeps asking when I will take care of. This lovely little notebook might at least help me organize my test knitting and tech editing.

  46. Cynthia Wilbanks on July 1, 2014 11:58 am

    Just having moved from Georgia to Minnesota, my knitting (as well as my life) is in a complete mess!! I usually keep notes and patterns in a three-ring binder.

  47. Diana on July 1, 2014 12:21 pm

    I try to keep a majority of patterns in a digital format, so it is easier to store and search. I treated myself to a nice large sized sketchbook I keep close so I can put ideas down on paper without losing the pages. I have my print outs all over the place at the moment… must remember to get a folder for them.

  48. Shannon Atkins on July 1, 2014 1:10 pm

    If I won then I would give it to my friend who loves knitting.

  49. Andrea B on July 1, 2014 3:34 pm

    My knitting stuff is “organized” by being contained in my spare bedroom – oh, and the couch.

  50. Mary Lee on July 1, 2014 3:54 pm

    This journal sounds wonderful! While my patterns are in notebooks and my yarn is in a closet, beyond that, any organization is nonexistent. I have several half-finished projects that I can’t finish because I can’t remember what I was making.

  51. Karey on July 1, 2014 6:00 pm

    I do alot of organizing on Ravelry but I also keep a big 3 ring binder organized by type of project. Which reminds me, I need to get another binder because mine is getting full!

  52. LAVINA CHAFFIN on July 1, 2014 6:51 pm

    I spend so much time looking for just the right pattern, either on the computer or going through all my 3-ring binders. I have always wanted to try designing my own patterns and the journal sounds like it would be just the thing to keep my thoughts written down.

  53. Chantel Lee on July 1, 2014 7:15 pm

    You mean we have to organize craft things too?! Actually, right now, I have most of what I find online bookmarked and/or changed to pdfs and in different files (Christmas, Baby, Clothing, etc). The loose patterns I have are somewhat organized in a binder. Yeah. I could REALLY use this!!

  54. joyce on July 1, 2014 8:07 pm

    My patterns are somewhat organized. I have them in binders and sorted by type of garment. The patterns I want to make soon are in file folders or in a tote bag with the yarn for the project.

  55. kim on July 1, 2014 8:52 pm

    I have a storage box, but no organization whatsoever! Would love to be inspired.

  56. OHSue on July 1, 2014 9:13 pm

    Most of my patterns are on Ravelry and I have a system of zippered plastic bags to contain my needles, of course most of the time they are in cute pot beside my fav knitting spot. The yarn, well that is just out of control.

  57. Clairette Zaleski on July 1, 2014 10:25 pm

    I have only started knitting 2 years ago so I could sure use some organizing. I have patterns in binders, on pieces of paper, in knitting tote bag,and my yarn is in tote bags or rubbermaid tubs. I definitely need this organizer!!!

  58. Joanne Davenport on July 1, 2014 11:20 pm

    My knitting stuff is not at all organized, which is why I am entering your giveaway :)

  59. Theresa on July 1, 2014 11:35 pm

    All my printed patterns are stored in page protectors and then separated according to hats, gloves, slippers, etc. The patterns stored on my laptop are also separated by category. Much easier to find that way.

  60. Cyndi Minister on July 2, 2014 6:21 am

    Oooo! Organizational Knitter’s dream giveaway. At the moment I keep track of my patterns on Evernote on my iPad. I also use Penultimate to sketch out patterns and save those to Evernote as well. Photograph of patterns read really well in the app too. I also use Ravelry. You only have 42 skeins of yarn? That’s some amazing self restraint! ;)

  61. Jo Ann on July 2, 2014 7:17 am

    What a great idea for all the notes that have accumulated over the years. Would love to have a copy.

  62. Judith (from Israel) on July 2, 2014 9:22 am

    My knitting stuff isn’t organized. I keep all yarns and needles in one bag and all patterns and knitting books in another bag.

  63. Marilyn (Merry) Fenton on July 2, 2014 10:18 am

    I keep just about everything on Ravelry but it’d be nice to have something in my purse for when I can’t get online.
    wahoomerryf on Ravelry

  64. Margay on July 2, 2014 1:37 pm

    My knitting is not very organized right now, it’s kind of all over the place so I could really use something like this.

  65. Kelly on July 2, 2014 1:57 pm

    My knitting stuff is in major disarray and needs some serious help. Stuff scattered all over the place. :) Kelly Caufield kmcaufield@gmail.com

  66. Chris on July 2, 2014 6:20 pm

    I often write notes on a pattern I’ve printed off, or on scraps of paper I try to keep with the pattern, then I shove all of them in a big envelope (which is overflowing now…) Not so great. I could use some organization!


  67. Dolores on July 2, 2014 7:47 pm

    I need a place to start keeping track of what I knit. This would be good

  68. Helen on July 2, 2014 8:34 pm

    Um …it’s not organised right now!!! Would like it to be.

  69. Linda Rumsey on July 3, 2014 3:18 am

    I’ve just filled up my first knitting notebook with all the designs I’ve knitted plus yarn care label and strand(s)of yarn. I intend adding photos of finished items to the next one. This would be ideal!

  70. Carmen N on July 4, 2014 12:47 pm

    I have some online and some in notebooks, but as I’m starting to design more I really need a nice notebook that would contain the info this notebook has!

  71. asteride on July 4, 2014 1:58 pm

    Organized?! What a strange word. My notes are on a e-journal and even if I’m sure they are there is very difficult to find them. I love Ravelry for that, at least some things are over there.

  72. TAnk on July 6, 2014 2:18 pm

    This would make my (knitting) life so much better!

    Presently my knitting is entirely unorganized given that I’ve just moved across the country… Scraps of paper with notes scattered everywhere. Ugh.

    Yay knitting notebooks!

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