Giveaway: Two Copies of Knitting with Icelandic Wool

kntiting with icelandic wool

Congratulations to winners Sara and Jennie!

I have a confession to make: I get a lot of knitting books to review, and sometimes it takes me a very long time to get around to reviewing something. Sometimes even when I know a book is probably going to be really good I’ll put off reading it, for whatever reason.

I try to remedy this situation by occasionally doing a whole glut of reviews — I’ve done 15 this month! One of the books I finally got to this month was published a year ago and I feel really bad that I took this long to get to it because it’s a great one.

Knitting with Icelandic Wool is a collection of 65 patterns using that classic yarn, but it isn’t just top down, circular yoke, colorwork sweaters. There’s lace, solid color projects and stitch patterns, too. And while there are patterns in the classic, natural colors you’d expect from Icelandic knitting, there are also some really vibrant projects with jewel tones and even pastel.

This book is chock-full of inspiration and projects you’ll love. And I have two copies to give away.

For your chance to win, leave a comment on this post between now and the end of the day Sunday, March 2. There will be two winners.

Why don’t you tell me what you’re most looking forward to in whatever season it’s about to be where you live. Here, it’s tantalizingly close to spring, but it’s going to be colder this week, so I’m looking forward to consistently warm temperatures and spending more time outside!

Thanks for visiting and good luck!


  1. Kristy Ostergard says

    Getting close to spring here, too. At least we all hope so. I’m hoping to finish my long-term sweater jacket that I started 3 years ago – yep, you read it right – THREE years! Ugh! But close to done now and can’t wait. The problem is that I always end up putting it aside (because it’s for me) to work on something for somebody else. So…bring on spring and the nicer weather! And thanks for the give-away opp.

  2. Cat says

    We’ve had a particularly long and bitter winter here, no break in February as we normally enjoy, and at least another month of bitter temps. We have been housebound all winter and I have kept busy knitting for friends and family, while I dream about how beautiful my garden is going to be.

  3. Jennie says

    My daughters love the look of lace knitting, so I’m looking forward to making some spring style scarves.

  4. Kat Bradshaw says

    I fell in love with Icelandic Wool when I knitted a Lopi. I would love to learn more about it, which is why I would love this book x

  5. Suzanne says

    I would love to make use of some Icelandic wool I have laying around to make a lopapeysa style sweater.

  6. maureen says

    I am looking forward to Spring. I look Forward to the flowers and green grass. I am looking forward to being able to go out for a walk after dinner with my husband. Too much snow and ice at the moment for that.

  7. says

    My husband gives me tulips for Mother’s Day every year and every year, I look forward to their arrival in early spring. It is an “I love you” every time that I see them.

  8. Dawn-Rene says

    We have been so fortunate in our mild winter here in the NW I feel a bit guilty when I watch the weather reports for the rest of the country. I guess because I keep hearing of the Polar Vortex I have been knitting like crazy. Mostly hats but a few cowls too. I have done some color work this year for the first time in ages. I would really enjoy reading this book and learning some new techniques.

  9. Carmen says

    I too am looking forward to warmer weather. I’m tired of waking up to temps in the negative numbers (F). I want spring flowers, to plan my garden, to let our hens free-range again…

  10. Denyalle says

    Really looking forward to no-jacket weather, although it feels like winter will never end in our parts. I’m especially looking forward to planting my vegetable garden and the harvests from it!

  11. KateMet says

    Someday I hope to be able to walk the dog further than around the circular drive. Or, walking that circular drive without making the Sophie’s Choice of being up to my knees in snow, or ice skating. Someday.

  12. Sue says

    Spring is on its way, but has so much ice and snow to melt to get here, it may be summer before we notice. I love winter – lots of time to wear wool sweaters, scarves and hats. My first sweater was Icelandic, I love those designs!

  13. Elizabeth Zang says

    It’s almost springtime here. I’m looking forward to walks among the redwood trees and along the beach near the ocean.

  14. Deanna says

    Our winter has been long and very cold so I am very much looking forward to spring and warmer temperatures. Could use that Icelandic sweater now!

  15. Linda Rumsey says

    I would love to knit with Icelandic wool. This book looks a great place to start. Nearly Spring now with some hopefully drier days. It’s been a very wet winter!

  16. Jeanne says

    We’ve had an unusually warm and dry winter in Northern California, but I’m looking forward to spring when my daughter receives her college acceptances, then next fall when my nest will be empty – hopefully more time for travel and knitting on planes!

  17. says

    Thank you for another giveaway, Sarah. Our next season, hopefully, will be spring! Today in South Dakota the high temp will be zero. I am looking forward to warmer temps and no more icy sidewalks, sitting outside on the deck and drinking my evening coffee.

  18. says

    I’m looking forward to our annual Spring Mocker Wars: lots of male mockingbirds singing & fluttering atop light standards and sign posts, for the benefit of the lady mockers. Of course our local hawks look forward to this too; sometimes the mockers get so caught up in the show they forget to watch out for the overhead audience!

  19. Laurie Johnson says

    Spring will be here before we know it in my neck of the world. I am so looking forward to nature waking up from a long nap. I so love watching all the trees and flowers peak their little heads up and become smiling little faces :) I can’t wait to go outside and get my hands in the dirt, hear the birds sing and the frogs croak by the light of the moon. It’s just a wonderful time of the year!

  20. KittenWithAWhiplash says

    We’re coming out of winter with a couple of sorely needed rainstorms here in CA. I wouldn’t mind a little more winter if it meant relieving our drought situation.

  21. Chantel Lee says

    It’s getting pretty close to Spring here, so I’m really looking forward to warmer weather, of course! But also, I absolutely love flowering trees. That’s the best.

  22. Teresa Knittingdancer says

    I am looking forward to sunny warm days when everyting turns green again.

  23. Terra Currier says

    Hi! I think getting overwhelmed is completely understandable! Best of luck to all the entries… please enter me as well! Have a great day!

  24. says

    Oh, I am looking forward to no snow on the sidewalk! A few green things sticking out of the ground would be marvellous as well. And a nice book of knitting patterns would help to pass the time till then!

  25. Cheryl Galbraith says

    Here in Toronto I am looking forward to maple syrup season: below freezing at night and above freezing during the day makes the sap run. Time for pancakes!

  26. Angela says

    As much as I love my knits, I am looking forward to not piling on so many of them all at once!

  27. KimW says

    I too am looking forward to Spring – when gray is the accent color, rather than the color of everything!! The Icelandic Wool book is great, I just don’t think the library will allow me to renew enough times to actually complete one of the patterns I have been eyeing!

  28. Emma says

    I’m looking forward to longer days and drier weather – good for running and fitting in extra knitting, maybe at the same time!

    Gorgeous books – I love the colours and patterns in Icelandic knitting, especially the lopi jumpers.

  29. Theadingo says

    I’m looking forward to crocuses peeping out from between snow banks. Also, REALLY looking forward to finally having warm toes for the first time in months. It would be nice if I were able to knit a sweater from this book before next winter to keep me warm the next time the Polar Vortex shows its face around here. :)

  30. Wanda Crowell says

    As I type this, I’m waiting for yet another snowstorm to start. When it’s more springlike, I’m looking forward to knitting a cotton top. In the meantime, I’m enjoying knitting with wool.

  31. Judy says

    I like winter but I think it is time to move into spring with the colors and the new life in creation. Thank you

  32. Tracey says

    I still haven’t finished my winter sweater thanks to 7 spring babies, so I’m hoping for a few more weeks of cold weather to finish and wear it!

  33. Nancy E. says

    I’m trying to get better at stranding/fair isle, this would be the perfect thing to help in my efforts.


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