Handmade Holidays Part 1 – Create Your Own Christmas Stocking

Knitting your own Christmas Stockings puts you in a happy place. Besides, look at the perks, they don’t really have to fit, there doesn’t have to be the dreaded “second sock syndrome”, you can make them with huge needles and yarn, and, if you knit them in the round, there’s practically no finishing.

There is some prep, however. Is it decoration? Is it to be useful? Will some “allergic to wool” little elf be sticking his paw inside to discover the contents?

Plan your stocking to suit you. Heirloom or modern. Plain stripes or color work. And what about the colors? Christmas doesn’t have to be all red, green and white. Knit with whatever colors you want. Brights, pastels, muted heathers, it’s your stocking, knit it the way you want it.

Choose from several types of tops. A common top would be a k1, p1 rib for however long you want it. The legs are basically an empty canvas. Fill them with anything from fair isle designs to snowflakes and santas. Go ethnic, or use cables or even lace. Even knit in your name, we wouldn’t want Santa getting all confused. Confused Santa’s are not a good thing, we like to keep them happy and on track.

For the heel, use a standard heel flap and you should be good to go. Think about a different color for the heel and toe. Shape the toe as you would the top of the mitten with decreases and a Kitchener stitch at the end. Now comes the fun part.

Sequins, bells, beads and bling, you name it, it has a place on your stocking. Have some fun fur yarn? Why not give Santa a real fur hat? Embroider fun things, use unique embellishments. It’s your stocking. Make it original, make it a work of art. Make it designer!

To finish it off, gently steam, knit up an icord for the loop and hang it by the fireplace. But, you’re still not done. Don’t forget the cookies and milk, it’s all about keeping Santa happy!

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