Heldover Giveaway: Light & Layered Knits

light & layered knits giveawayI usually let my giveaways run for one week unless I’m just not paying attention to pick a winner, but last week’s giveaway hasn’t gotten a whole lot of love so I thought I would post it again and leave it up for another week.

Light & Layered Knits is a great book for transitioning among seasons, offering tops that can be worn alone or with something else on top (or in the case of sweaters, as the top layer themselves). There are some projects perfect for summer, but great for other times of year as well, particularly if you’re hot natured or live in a warm climate.

If you want in on this giveaway, add a comment to this post (the original giveaway post is linked above and I’ll add those commenters to the list when I pick a winner.

Make sure you have your comment in before the end of the day Sunday, August 17 to be considered for the giveaway.

I asked last week for people to tell me some good news, but you can also tell me something you’re looking forward to (me: I’m almost done with my book!) or anything else you want to share.

Thanks for visiting, commenting and sharing and good luck!


  1. kimberly says

    I am looking for something new to do after i finsh my rag quilt so my a kniting it up next

  2. Thami Seabrooke says

    I am moving next week, and will have a dedicated Yarning area in my new home! I would love to have this book to put on the table next to my knitting chair!

  3. robin l says

    i would love this….i love knitting and croheting. i am new to this site and to find this right away was exciting

  4. Chantel Lee says

    I can’t think of anything in particular that I’m looking forward to. Maybe cooler nights!

  5. Marlys+Leder says

    I really like the lace potion of the top on the cover of this book!
    I’ve been trying to find just the right pattern to start my knitting lace journey & that might be it! :) M<

  6. maureen murray says

    I am looking forward to winning this book ad knitting the new patterns featured in this book

  7. Jaan L says

    Good news is School is ON! Routines are back, and I now have time to knit, crochet and sew.

  8. Teresa says

    I just love that cover sweater! I would love to knit that for my twenty-something daughter!

  9. RJ+Gosnell says

    I am looking forward to finishing the Candle-Flame Cowl I am working on (it is your pattern Sarah, from about.com) for my mom for Christmas… I am also looking forward to your book- I love how easy your patterns are.

  10. says

    The cover project looks gorgeous! I’m looking forward to the fireworks on the 5th of August! It’s a national holiday here in Italy.

  11. says

    A fresh look at an ancient art, now that is good news. Would be a delight to add this to my library. I also missed the post last week. Thanks for sharing the offer.

  12. Myrill says

    Ooo! I hope I win! I look forward to this Friday when school is over. You see, I’m a toddler Montessori teacher, and I work year round. I only have one free week to get my classroom ready before the next school year begins again.

  13. Pat Federico says

    Have been on vacation… Missed the first post… Would LOVE to add this book to my collection

  14. DebbieS says

    I’m looking forward to fall! And my good news is I finished my latest knitting project last night.

  15. Lee says

    Congrats on almost being done with your book! I am looking forward to the Fall season! thanks!

  16. Sarah Oswald says

    What a beautiful sweater I would love to be able to make a sweater as good as this one.

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