Help Make it Better with Sandy Relief Craftalong

make it betterIt wouldn’t surprise anyone to know there are a lot of crafting industry types (and home crafters as well, of course) who were affected by the superstorm they called Sandy. And as crafters, we often want to get in there and help in the best way we know how: by making something.

Stitch diva Brett Bara and her crafty pal Natalie Soud, who blogs at A Dose of the Delightful, decided they wanted to help and allow other to help through crafting. Of course a winter storm is now upon that region and the weather is getting colder all the time, so what people need most is those warm things that can bring such comfort — handmade socks, scarves, hats, wraps, mittens and more.

It’s a good thing most of these are really quick projects, because warmth is needed on the double. Crafters are asked to send what they have or to make (knit, crochet or sew) and send items as quickly as possible for delivery throughout the New York City area. Donations are being accepted immediately and for the near term, though you can check the websites listed above for more information on what’s needed and where to send it.

This crafty drive is being called a craftalong because a social aspect has been added to it through a Facebook page and hashtags that will let the world see the good you’ve done. Crafters are also encouraged to spread the word through their own blogs and in their crafty circles.

About this time next week — when my book is finally done! — I’ll be going through my cache of knit objects and finding some things to donate, and I hope you’ll consider giving if you are able as well.


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