I took a few picturess of the hoodie I’m working on desperately trying to finish right now. (really need to mess with the settings on this camera so I can get good indoor pictures).
I started to knit this in one piece, with the 2 fronts and back joined. When I got past the ribbing I decided that the resulting fabric was too flimsy and needed the stability of side seams.
I also went down a size on the needles, using 6’s and 8’s rather than 7’s and 9’s to make the fabric a bit tighter and also the garment in whole a bit smaller.
This yellow is beautiful and my granddaughter can wear yellow. But knowing that she’s a typical pre-teen girl, I didn’t use expensive yarn, but a nice worsted weight from Caron (Simply Soft, in Soft Yellow). I like this particular yarn, machine washable and dryable, which when knitting for a kid, it’s the only way to go!
This pattern I didn’t like so much. The cables were fun and there wasn’t any funky shaing, basically a knit it in the dark kind of project. But I’ve never knit saddle sleeves and have decided that I don’t like them. Maybe when its all said and done they will redeem themselves, but as of right now, I still prefer the good old raglans. The hood is knit in two identical pieces and they’re almost done. Then binding, zipper ( which might not be fun as I don’t work or play well with zippers – hmm not to late to do buttonholes..), sew it together, weave in ends, block it and send it on its way. I do love me a cuddly warm hoodie. I think the next hoodie pattern I do will be the wonderful wallaby, have heard lots and lots of good things about that one.

I scared up a few free hoodie patterns for you.

Fronts of sweater. Joined to the back at the ribbing.

Back of sweater, not blocked, or stretched out, or even really adjusted to look like a sweater!Close up of this cable pattern
Stay tuned, here at knitting.craftgossip.com, you never know what we’re up to!


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    I love the hoodie, especially the yellow color yarn. I am not a great knitter. I mostly crochet, but I’m in the process of making the wonderful wallaby for my 5 yr. old granddaughter. It’s made in the round. I was doing fine, until I got to the front pocket half way up the sweater. Hope I can figure it out before she’s going to college, instead of kindergarten.

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