How to Draw Your Own Schematics

schematic just crafty enoughThere are a lot of great free knitting patterns out there, but one failing that some of these patterns have (and I’ll admit, all of mine over at About have this problem) is that they are often lacking in schematics, those little drawings that show you the shape and measurements of the different sizes of the garments.

I don’t really use the schematics that much so I don’t miss them, but Kat over at Just Crafty Enough wanted one for a sweater pattern she recently started knitting. So she went through the instructions, figured out all the measurements and where things changed and made a simple schematic of the size she was planning to knit.

Because the shapes used in knitting are usually pretty simple, you don’t need drawing skills to make your own schematics; you just need a little patience and the ability to read and understand what the knitting pattern is telling you is happening. Great tips!

[Photo via Just Crafty Enough.]


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