How to Host a Knitting Party

knitting party invitationIt might seem like we all have quite enough social obligations this time of year, thank you very much, but wouldn’t it be fun to take time in this buys season to unwind with some friends and just knit together? (Or just after the season, if one more party is just too much to bear.)

I did this over the weekend in the form of attending a fiber festival and it was so nice to just sit and knit for hours on end with no obligations to anyone. Granted, I was knitting Christmas presents, but still.

The folks at Martingale have some good ideas for how you can host a fiber-filled party of your own, including printable invitations, ideas for party favors and tips for setting the mood. And here’s a tip from me: keep food and drink away from the knitting!

Have you ever hosted a knitting party? I’d love to hear about it.

[Photo via Martingale.]


  1. RuthKnits says

    I taught at a knitting party this week. Thirteen new knitters! Well, one had knit before. They wanted to take home a finished project so we made flowers. That was a lot of people to help at once but everyone left with a flower. I don’t think they “learned to Knit” enough to be independent but they got a taste. It was a simple flower – cast on 30 stitches, worsted yarn, size 8 to 10 needles. Knit 4 rows, change colors, knit one row in another color – bind off. Sew a running stitch where the colors change, pull both ends to gather, and voila you have a flower. If anyone has other ideas for a super quick project like this let me know!

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