How to Make a Big Sweater Smaller

resizing a sweaterWhether you like buying sweaters from the thrift store, are gifted something the wrong size, knit something the wrong size or have lost weight and need garments in a smaller size, there may be times when you want to make a big sweater smaller.

Jennifer, who blogs for Jordana Paige, recently scored a great Fair Isle sweater at the thrift store that was way too big for her, and she documented the process of resizing it for herself.

It’s basically a matter of deciding how you want it to fit and doing something like steeking to cut it down to size and reinforce the seams. In fact, if you’re scared of steeking this might be a good entry level project because you can buy a cheap sweater you aren’t too invested in and if you mess it up, well, at least you didn’t mess up something you’d spent hours knitting.

Have you ever resized a sweater (handmade or purchased)? I’d love to hear about it.

[Photo via Jordana Paige.]


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