How to Make a Yarn Book for Your Finished Projects

Check out this great way to store a record of the yarn used in a project!It’s a great idea to keep a record of the yarn and colors you used for knitting projects, in case you ever need the yarn again or want to use a color again that you really loved.

It can be hard to keep these little bits organized, but Ellen from the Chilly Dog had a great idea for organizing project records with little bags and a bit of adhesive.

She trimmed card stock to fit in little plastic party bags, then glued a bit of each color of yarn to one side of the card and the ball band to the other.

This keeps a good record of all the yarn used on a particular project in one place. I would probably go a step further and write some basic information on the card such as what the project was, who it was for, when it was knit or given and if any design modifications were made (such as using a different sized needle) in case you want to make the project again.

But this is a great way to keep your little bits organized; you could even use it to organize your whole stash by taking a bit of yarn and gluing it to a card that contains the basic information about the yarn, how much you have and where it’s located in your house so you can find it when you need it.

[Photo via the Chilly Dog.]


  1. Carmen N says

    I keep all my previously-knit patterns in plastic sleeves and try to include a sample of the yarn, a yarn wrapper (if I can find it again), and notes about the project. Then they’re contained together in the plastic and easy to find again.


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