It’s All About The Stockings!

While meandering around the net this morning (couldn’t sleep – again) I found these. Christmas Stocking Place Setters. Aren’t they cute? Love em!

Do I hear another project just waiting to jump on the needles? It’s not like i don’t have a few, hmmm, 6 or 7 (at least) already there. But these are just cute!

And, the kit is available here:


Here are some Free Christmas Stocking Patterns that I found:

These cute little stockings are called Deer Tracks, and they’re from

These 3 are all free patterns from 


Trampled by Geese has a really cool sock pattern, with candy cane lace knitted in, here:

Get your needles out, oiled up and ready to roll! 


  1. says

    Wow! these are so cute and I am going to try the Mini-Mitts & Hat Garland they are adorable and felted :) Thanks for the freat site find!

    Linda ( felting)

  2. Karen B says

    thank you! I love,love,love stockings.And I wanted a pattern for place settings. I thought it would just make the table look so inviting.
    thank you for sharing

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