Join Me for a Giveaway of Olympic Proportions!

olympic giveaway craft gossipI’ve been hinting at something special happening in conjunction with the Olympics, and now that the opening ceremonies are just a day away I can share with you what I’m planning. I really wanted to do something special to celebrate joining the Craft Gossip team as well as celebrating the Olympics.

The Games are such a fun event, bringing people from around the world to their television sets to watch great feats of sport (and, let’s hope, sportsmanship) and enjoy a moment of togetherness and commonality it’s rare to feel these days.

Odds are good, despite the recent unpleasantness, that a lot of knitters around the world will be watching the Games, and many of us will be knitting while we do. I know I’m going to be working on a bunch of projects for my book, and I hope the dedicated TV time will keep me on track (grin) to finish a few things.

So, on to the fun stuff: the giveaways! Starting tomorrow, and continuing each day through the Olympics (that’s through August 12) I’ll be giving something away — a book, magazine, yarn, I don’t know what all yet.

What I do know is they’ll be one giveaway a day and it will last a day. You’ll enter by posing a comment on that day’s post; the winner will be chosen at random. You’ll have to comment on each giveaway to be entered, so come back every day to see what’s on offer. And winning one giveaway won’t make you ineligible to win future giveaways, so keep coming back and enter as many as you like.

Because of that I’ll wait until the Olympics are over and all the winners have been notified to mail the goodies.

I’m really excited both to clean out some of my stash and to share some knitting goodies with you. Who’s ready to win some free stuff? I’ll see you tomorrow with the first giveaway!


  1. Nancy flores says

    Hooray for the US and all the families, friends and fans that encourage the players. Woot woot. I’m in!


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