Or Knit-A-Longs

I’ve taken part in a few of these, they’re fun. The problem I have is time. With working and farming I don’t have a scheduled amount of time to knit (funny how hobbies are like that!).

But, I want to do another one.

This time, rather than surfing the internet to find just the right KAL for my hockey project, I want to hear from you. If left to my own devices, I’d choose something like Rowan’s Helsinki, which is a “hat scarf” with armholes. It’s gorgeous. There is a picture here: https://colorfulstitches.com/store/DisplayProduct.php?sku=Helsinki

And Rowan’s Cocoon yarn, chosen for this project, has names like Tundra, Shale, Mountain, and Polar. Who wouldn’t want to knit with that? The problem here is that for my lifestyle this yarn isn’t really practical, only because it would need to be durable, and “farmy” rather than soft and elegant. So I’ll head over to www.yarndex.com to see what I can find there. Or, I could visit my stash where I have a lot of Lopi. But what I have enough of is dark brown. Yuk. Actually that is really pretty yarn, just not for this project.

And here are knitting.craftgossip.com we are all about matching our yarns with our lifestyles. Yeah right!

Ok, I have a long, long, snowy cold winter coming up. I need to get all of my ducks in one puddle. And all of my patterns and yarns matched up. No one has ever had too many WIP’s so that’s not really an issue is it?

So, what do you think? A hat scarf knit-a-long? Something else? How about a stash-a-long?

I’m waiting….. 


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