Keep Your Jars Cozy

jat cozy red heartI have a friend who pretty much only drinks out of Mason jars. She has a little washable lid that makes it like a to-go coffee cup, and she takes it with her everywhere.

Of course she needs a cozy for her jar, especially when there’s warm stuff inside because it just won’t stay very warm in glass. It also just makes it a bit cuter.

Whether you use your jars to hold liquids or to display your knitting needles, it’s nice to give them a little extra love by knitting them a cozy.

Hers is simple stockinette stitch; I’ve made one in seed stitch, too, which I love.

Red Heart featured cabled jar cozies in its 12 weeks of Christmas knitting patterns, but there’s no reason at all you couldn’t use them all year long. They’re pretty easy to knit and don’t really take all that much yarn, so you could probably use some leftovers from another project to make some of these.

[Photo via Red Heart.]

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