Knit a Cover for a Footstool

knti footstool classic elite yarnsSpeaking of knitting things for the home, this week’s free pattern from Classic Elite Yarns fits right in. This knit footstool designed by Tonia Barry is a pretty simple — if somewhat big — project that will definitely let people know that you are a knitter. And that you don’t own cats (mine would devour that thing!).

Worked in orange as shown it would also provide a great pop of color that’s great for the summer and cheerful in cooler months, too. It’s a lot of stockinette with an interesting cable to spice things up visually and in the knitting.

Would you ever knit something like this? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

[Photo via Classic Elite Yarns.]


  1. Barbara says

    Highly unlikely. As to cats, it would draw them like catnip. Or at least the cats I used to know and love most of the time.

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