Knit a Cute Girl’s Dress for Christmas in July

knit a cute red jumper for a little girlI’m pretty sure I told you before about Red Heart’s Christmas in July pattern collection. A lot of these are crochet, but I saw a new one this week that caught my eye for knitters.

The Red Jumper is a really cute little red dress — though I’m sure it would be lovely in any color! — designed by Lorna Miser for girls sizes 2 to 8. It’s rated easy and it is, with the skirt worked in the round in ribbing and the top worked in garter stitch back and forth in rows. Two sparkly buttons finish off the straps.

This is also a project that doesn’t use a whole lot of yarn, so it would be a great quick project whether you’re thinking about Christmas now or it takes you a few months to get started.

[Photo via Red Heart.]


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