Knit a Cute Pixie Hat for a Little Kid

pixie hat toddlerThis pint-sized pixie hat is the perfect little project for a newer knitter with a toddler to knit for. It’s worked flat as a rectangle and seamed up the cast on edge when finished, leaving a cute little point at the back.

What makes this design from Kit’s Crafts even better is that it’s like a little sampler, with stockinette, moss stitch and ribbing all represented. There’s even a little buttonhole so you feel like you’re getting a skill in even in a really easy project. And if you’ve never done one before, don’t worry: she has the whole thing illustrated step by tiny step so it will be no problem for you at all.

If my kid didn’t already have more hats than one head needs, I’d really want to knit her one. Surely someone else has a cold toddler, right?

[Photo via Kit’s Crafts.]



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