Knit a Fun Starfish for Summer

knit a starfish with this cool patternNow that it’s June it’s time to think about summer knitting projects, and this starfish project from Just Crafty Enough is a really fun one.

This project uses a fun construction method, where you knit the legs first and the join them and work toward the center.

It’s super cute and could be worked in any weight of yarn for a little trinket or a big pillow-sized delight.

Thanks for sharing, Kat!

By the way, do you call it a starfish or a sea star? I’d never heard that second term until my daughter started watching “Sesame Street.”

[Photo via Just Crafty Enough.]


  1. says

    I hadn’t, either. I guess it’s more technically correct because it’s not really a fish? Leave it to Sesame Street to question my learning.

  2. Paul says

    ‘Tis a sea star, one of the echinoderms, related to sea urchins and sand dollars. It’s also interesting that they have filtered sea water instead of blood…as long as we’re getting educational 😉

    Nice post on the pattern, thanks. Looks like it could also be done without legs for a sand dollar.


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