Knit a Hat Covered in Grapevines

Check out the cute grapevine hat from Classic EliteThis time of year is grape season where I live, so it makes some kind of sense to knit a hat for fall that’s covered with grapes and grape leaves.

The Grapevine Hat from Classic Elite Yarns (designed by Amy Loberg) gives you that option, and it’s a great choice through the cooler seasons, no matter where you live or what time the grapes grow.

It’s got a fun colorwork pattern that can be worked all in one contrasting color, if you like, but it can also be worked with multiple colors in the colorwork portion for a bit more of a challenge and a more dramatic finished look. Which do you like better?

Are you knitting a new hat for fall? I’d love to hear what you’re up to!

[Photo via Classic Elite Yarns.]

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