Knit a Pinwheel Dishcloth

pinwheel dishcloth craftownI’m a sucker for a good dishcloth or washcloth knitting pattern, and especially this time of year it’s fun to make cloths you can use in your spring cleaning.

The Pinwheel Dish Cloth from Craftown is really cute and it’s a great way to practice short rows if that’s something you need to learn.

What’s more, you could also make this a stash-busting project by working each wedge in a different color of leftover yarn. Either way it’s a fun project that is a little more interesting to knit than a square, but still has lots of cleaning power. And cuteness.

[Photo via Craftown.]


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    I know what you mean. Sewing in ends is the ugly side of knitting and cehocrt. The bit they don’t really tell you about in books… I hate it until you get to that last end. The last one I can cope with :)

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