Knit a Quick Ruffle Scarf with Tutorial Help

red heart sashay scarfI’m sure you’ve seen the explosion of novelty yarns in the stores the past couple of years, and one genre of these yarns that is a lot of fun is the ruffle yarn. Red Heart’s Boutique Sashay yarn is probably the most widely available of these yarns, but there are plenty of other options.

These yarns are really fun looking and allow you to produce a dramatic scarf (or trim for another project) in very little time. It’s perfect for gift knitting!

The only problem is, this yarn doesn’t really look like any yarn you’ve come across before, so it can help a lot to have help when you knit your first of these scarves.

If you like text and pictures, check out the pattern and tutorial at Mellywood’s Mansion. That’s an Australian site, and the yarn is a little different than some you might find stateside, but the idea is the same.

Or if you’d rather learn from videos, my fellow Craft Gossiper Stacie shared a series of tutorials on making a scarf with Sashay that should be a big help. She notes that a long scarf like the one pictured takes two skeins of yarn and about four hours to knit. Perfect fun for a holiday weekend, I’d say.

[Photo via Stacie Hooder.]



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