Knit a Scarf with Heart

heart scarf knitting patternsNow that it’s February it’s really time to start any knitting you might want to do for Valentine’s Day. But the good news is there are lots of projects you still have time to complete.

If you want to combine something heart warming with a gift that’s actually warming, check out these free knitting patterns for scarves with hearts on them.

Jennifer Chen’s Andrea’s Heart Scarf is probably the easiest of this bunch, worked as it is mostly in stockinette stitch with textured edges. This is a great one for a beginner!

The Heart Scarf by Andrea Mantler is a variation on a pattern that was published in a Knitty surprise; hers has the addition of a crocheted edging, which is nice if you know how to do it. Hearts within Hearts by Teri Lindstrom is another pretty scarf that uses eyelets to form the heart shape (or shapes, in this case). The Lace Heart Scarf from KnitCulture is another pretty variation on the theme.

The Heart Illusion Scarf by Laura’s Knits is a fun one because it’s kind of like a secret message — you have to look at it just the right way to see the heart pattern.

And Andrea Noren’s Trailing Hearts Double-Knit Scarf is really cute and a relatively easy way to practice double knitting. And it’s a double warm hug for whoever is lucky enough to get to wear it!



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