Knit a Simple Chain Link Necklace

knit a simple necklace of chain linksWant to knit a cute accessory that you can make from start to finish in an afternoon or so? Look no further than the Chain Scarf Necklace from La littérature gourmande.

Each of the links is a knit rectangle (work with whatever yarn and corresponding needles you like) that’s rolled up and sewn, making this version perfect for a beginner. Of course if you’re comfortable with make I-cord you could make a 10-stitch cord for each chain and then only have to sew the pieces into loops, but either way this makes for a cute knit accessory that’s finished in no time and will be sure to garner “where did you get that?” questions whenever you wear it.

Have you ever knit jewelry? I’d love to hear about it!

[Photo via La littérature gourmande.]


  1. G.K. Green says

    Yes, I have knit jewelry … It’s lots of fun! Quick, with great results, instant gratification … and usually requiring only a small amount of yarn. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to design a few pieces of my ow
    n, primarily necklaces and bracelets. You can see them on Ravelry (where I am: gkgreen) and even download a bracelet free pattern there (at:


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