Knit a Simple Drop-Stitch Cowl

drop stitch cowlI like to wear cowls throughout the spring (and even have a couple I can wear in the summer) because I’m the kind of person who is pretty much always cold and wearing a cowl makes a little bit more sense than a scarf at this time of year.

The Drop Stitch Cowl from Margot at Eye of Style is a nice one for spring (or any remaining cold snaps we might get) because those little rounds of dropped stitches make it breathable, as well as providing a nice pop of color. This one might be fun to do as a stash-buster, too, with each drop stitch section worked in a different color yarn. Or why not ombre if you have a bunch of yarn of the same color?

However you knit it, this is a pretty, easy quick project that you’ll want to slip on with a lot of outfits this spring.

[Photo via Eye of Style.]


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