Knit a Wee Scarf in Blooming Color

blooming scarflette purl3agonyIt seems like everyone where I live has begun the collective rumble calling from spring to just get here, already. We’ll stop complaining about the fact that we haven’t had any real snow just as soon as we get that first 60 degree day (that’s not followed by a 30 degree day), OK?

When it does get a little warmer, those giant cowls and mittens we were talking about yesterday might be a little excessive. But that doesn’t mean you want to go out completely unprotected.

So why not knit a wee scarf, or a scarflette, for a prettier term? This on3 by purl3agony uses a combination of herringbone, zig-zag and wave patterns and is a great stash-busting project. It’s also a bit of a fun skill builder if you’ve never used a provisional cast on before (this piece is worked from the center down, then the cast on is made into live stitches again and the other side is knit down from the same point).

It’s a little bit of knitting with a lot going on that will keep you warm as the days heat up. How cool is that?

[Photo via purl3agony.]

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