Knit an Easy Farmer’s Market Tote

market tote lion brandI don’t know how it is where you live, but the social event of Saturday mornings in my hometown is the farmer’s market. It was even named one of the favorite farmer’s markets in the country last year, which says something about how much we all love it.

There’s nothing like heading downtown on a Saturday morning (or a Tuesday, or a Thursday) and loading up on fresh produce, checking out the local crafts (there’s even a woman who makes yarn) and running into people you know. It’s one of the ways our not-really-small town still feels small.

But how are you going to carry all your goodness home? A knit sack is the perfect way to do it, and this farmer’s market tote from Lion Brand Yarn (free registration required to view) is a great choice. Worked in Martha Stewart Crafts Cotton Hemp, this pretty, durable bag is worked from a flat base up to a circularly knit body worked in an easy, four row mesh pattern. You’ll get it knit up in time for the next market day, for sure.

What was your latest market score? Mine was some of the first blueberries of the season. Yum!

[Photo via Lion Brand Yarn.]

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