Knit Coffee Cozies for Him and Her

coffee cup coziesI have a friend who admits to not understanding coffee cup cozies. She says she buys cute mugs so she wants to be able to see them.

She is clearly not a knitter.

I like to knit little cozies for my cups for practical and aesthetic reasons, and these his and hers cozies from Craftfoxes are pretty cute. I don’t know why they’d have to be different, but the “his” version is basketweave and the “hers” is an OXO cable. They’re both pretty cute, in any case.

Where do you fall on the coffee cup cozy spectrum? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

[Photo via Craftfoxes.]


  1. KateMet says

    I think cozies are cute, but I don’t make them. I’m guessing the different designs are like those wine tags-this one’s mine, that one is yours. But for my husband (and most others, cough), it would have to be a different color, preferably with flashing lights for him to notice.


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