Knit Picks New Yarn – Sugar Bunny

Knit Picks has a new line of yarns called Special Reserve. The first in that line is called Sugar Bunny. It’s a mix of 80% merino wool and 20% angora (I’m going with Angora rabbit rather than goat), and it is soooo soft. And warm. And cuddly!

The pictures aren’t true to color, for some reason, the skein I have is closer in color to the label, it’s called Regal, and it is every bit that.

The picture on the right is what I have done of my first arm warmer. I made them extra long to go halfway up to my elbow and down further on my fingers too, than a normal wrist warmer. So soft, did I mention that? And it comes in 11 totally yummy colors and white! But you have to hurry! It’s a limited edition yarn. I’m anxious to see what else Knit Picks comes up with in their Special Reserve line.  If they cross the line into Quiviet, I might have to sell my house!

Hurry on over to Knit Picks to get yours while it’s still available!


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