Knit Village Banned from Kids’ Hospitals as Health Hazard

knit village devonThis is a sad knitting story that thankfully has a happy ending. A Women’s Institute group in Devon spent a year knitting a sweet little village — complete with buildings, people, gardens and farm animals — that they hoped would be used by a children’s hospital or hospice to bring a little joy to kids in their care.

But all the places they approached to donate the 6 foot by 4 foot creation said they wouldn’t take it because the woolen items couldn’t be sterilized. Which is a real concern around sick kids, but nonetheless a big disappointment for the knitters.

But as I said, this one has a good ending, because they did find a home for their handiwork at a South African orphanage, where it is sure to bring smiles to many kids’ faces.

[Photo via the Daily Mail.]


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    It’s a thoughtful idea, but definitely a health hazard. Think of all the kids, some kids don’t wash their hands, all the germs that could linger on the items.

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