Knitting News: New Jersey Knitter Wants Help with Yarn Bombing

yarnbomb new jerseyA yarn bombing is not usually something you announce before the fact in the local newspaper, but Bridgeton, N.J., knitter Carol Moore says she wants help beautifying her city’s downtown with yarn.

She participated in a yarn bombing for International Yarn Bombing Day, which was back in June, and in the time since the tree in front of her shop has become increasingly covered with knit and crocheted pieces.

She says she things more fiber art around downtown would improve the look of the area and give it something unique and special that hopefully would drive more visitors and customers to the area.

Moore has the blessing of mayor Albert Kelly, who called is an easy way to beautify the town that isn’t permanent (he also says it does no damage to the tree, but it can if left on long-term).

[Photo by the News of Cumberland County.]


  1. Tracy says

    I personally do not find these “yarn bombing” projects to be beautiful at all! The colors do not co-ordinate, there is no regularity in the stitches or pattern stitches used, etc. It is a beautiful tree! I love trees, including their trunks. Don’t cover them!Cover something ugly, & use co-ordinating stitches & colors. Make sure you use excellent workmanship as others are stuck with looking at it. I have seen some lovely examples of “object covering” on the internet. It CAN be done well. So can Krazy Knitting & Crazy Crochet. It’s difficult, it’s an art, I discovered I am not good at either covering objects, nor Crazy Crochet, so I don’t do it.

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