Knits for Mardi Gras

mardi gras knitting patternI guess Mardi Gras isn’t really a big crafting holiday, but at this point I’ll take just about any excuse for a party. I’ve knit a couple of Mardi Gras-themed projects in the past, including a fun knit bead necklace and a fleur de lis washcloth.

Searching Ravelry for more inspiration brought me another cute I-cord necklace from Craftown, a wee Mardi Gras sock (perfect for a keychain) from Lisa Diesslin, a cute washcloth with a mask pattern from One Crafty Mama and an actual knit mask by Heather Storta. Suzy Crancer also has a fun loopy hat knit in Mardi Gras colors, which of course you could make in any other colors or wear any time of year.

If you’re willing to pay a bit for a pattern, Purlqueen Patterns has some fun, colorful Mardi Gras party bangles ($6); Ray Whiting has a reversible cable, invisible intarsia scarf (which would be fun techniques to learn for a scarf of any color and will run you $8.50); and I love the Mardis Gras Crown washcloth from Emily Jagos that will cost you $1.79.

Do you knit for Mardi Gras? I’d love to hear what you’ve made!


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