Knitting A Fendi Fake


We all hate when people steal out ideas and even worse our knitting patterns but I had to mention this Fendi “inspired” bag created by Cara. One can argue that it’s not copyrighted as it is different from the original, including the handle style. The point is it’s adorable and I am sure we all are going to have a go at making it.


  1. says

    the Clara BeBe site is closed? here is the message: Please take note that i have removed the blog and sales sections.

    I have been and would still be busy for quite sometimes.

    Hopefully I would be free to pick up my knitting soon. Enjoy crafting!

    You still can access and join the Knitters Community, a crafts discussion board :(

  2. says

    I love Fendi and searched and searched and cannot find anything on Clara BeBe site other than she closed her site. What a shame! Maybe this would have been the closest I would have gotten to owning a Fendi. :( Maybe one of you clever users can find Cara!

  3. Pat says

    The closest pattern for the Fendi bag is at (free pattern fantissimo and crystal)with some adjustments I think it will be very close.

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