Knitting For Speed or Knitting For Pleasure? Both!

What did I find for you today? A free shipping coupon from Annie’s Attic! I personally like free shipping sales, almost better than percentages off.

Just recently became interested in speed knitting. Why? Can’t say, other than that if there’s a technique out there that people are doing and I don’t know about it, well, let’s just say that being raised with four brothers may have brought out a bit of a competitive side. Just a bit. So I hear that speed knitting is all the rage and I have to check it out.

The very first place to check such a thing out is, of course, YouTube. And then Knitpicks runs a close second. So toddling off to YouTube, I found a plethora of speed knitting demos, mostly they are doing a continental style of stitching on steel needles, but not all of them. Annie Modesitt does a speed knitting and purling thing that I just cannot comprehend.
Anyway, go to YouTube and search for “speed knitting”. And then go to KnitPicks and search for the same thing. I tried some of the techniques and did indeed speed up my knitting a bit, but it’s still in the concentration phase.
While you’re on YouTube, check out the backwards knitting video. Sooooo simple!

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