Knitting Gloves by Nanette Blanchard

Nanette Blanchard has self published a knitting glove booklet which is available for $6.88 via Download.

Nannette sent me her booklet for a personal review, and I must say it was my pleasure, gloves are something I love to hate doing and this booklet gave me a little more confidence for the next project.

It is a 36-page self-published booklet with many color photos, diagrams, and charts including a photo gallery of hand knit gloves that do not fit. Glove Knitting discusses the various types of thumbs, how to deal with holes between the fingers, fingertip shaping, and the many methods of knitting gloves (dpns, 2 circs, top-down, etc.). It includes a list of relevant books and articles and a resource section for finding shorter glove needles. Two patterns are included – the Geometric Gloves which is sized for both men and women and the Colorblock Gloves which use an easier thumb gusset.

The booklet is available both in print and as a .PDF file through Lulu. A portion of the proceeds goes to nonprofit rabbit rescue

If your a bit of a cheapskate like me and still want something for free then don’t forget to check out Nanette’s free patterns on the side bar of her blog. Including the most adorable rabbit puppets pattern which is my favorite and I just know I need to find a reason to use these knitted stars.

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